Fabric & Film

Last night, I did a little bit of thrifting with my sisters. This kind of thing doesn't happen too often. They were on a search for clothing to wear to a redneck themed party, while I was looking for actual, everyday clothing.

My youngest sister Amy & I got into it over one top, which was actually pretty funny. Neither of us ended up purchasing in the end. I did buy a skirt though(fabric above) which I'm still trying to decide how I really feel about it...I think I like it...? $3 is a small price to pay to avoid buyer's remorse.

(On a side note, it's been a lot of fun hanging out with my sisters so much lately:)

I also bought this vintage camera. Ok, not really vintage! But shooting on film seems to be a thing of the past. I used to go through disposable cameras like hot cakes back in the day. The film in this camera actually expired in 8/10, so I'm hoping the final product will be a little faded or distorted.

I've still got one from my honeymoon that needs to be processed (starring the VW vans of Catalina Island).

Looking forward to taking some random pics & developing this roll! xx

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  1. Fun! You better post some photos if they turn out sweet!


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