D.I.Y. Summer Tank Dress

Summer is just around the corner, so start prepping for it by constructing this pretty little tank dress! Full tutorial at Threadbanger.

I'm hoping to make one in time for family vacation in South Carolina at the end of this month...so simple, yet so chic!


Working Girl

Dear Internet, How I've missed you! But I'm pleased to report that the new job is going well. I've been doing double-duty transitioning from one position to another, so the blog has suffered a bit. Hopefully the posts will become more consistent as I adjust to this new routine!

Thanks for reading xx


so Zealous for: PEARLS

[Photo Credits: 1.Monmel 2.GoldSnowDrops 3.Parenthesized 4.Antoinetta 5.Louise Brooks 6.Filippa 7.WetBehindTheEars 8.BeautyInEverything 9.KristenOReilly]
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