D.I.Y. Vintage Planner

This project got a lot of buzz the other week when it was posted online, but I just had to feature it in my D.I.Y. spotlight.

Practical, affordable, and completely customizable. Full tutorial at Just Something I Made.


Pattern Drafting and Dressmaking

The latest book in my burgeoning library of vintage reads, Dorothy Moore's Pattern Drafting and Dressmaking is the ultimate guide to the art of Oriental tailoring.

I generally don't splurge on used books very often, but the illustrations alone made it worth the price to me. Here's a few of my favorites...

Thanks to TypeVintageous for the smooth Etsy transaction & Tina from what-i-found for featuring the book. Be sure to check out her fantastic blog!


so Zealous for: Underwater Photography

This collection was inspired by the ocean, which I had the complete pleasure of visiting this past week.

[Photo credits: 1.sugarock 2.lenaah 3.beyourownalice 4.young shields 5.somesweetday 6.latest fashion 7.emanuela de paula 8.cup of jo 9.weheartit 10.weheartit 11.to the sky and back 12.moderniteter 13.inspire please.]


Wish You Were Here

Jetting off to South Carolina this week for family vacation! Looking forward to lounging on the beach, playing board games, & shopping in Charleston.

Blog posts to resume next week & if you have any suggestions for things to do in SC, feel free to post them!


Cover to Cover

The most beloved stories of all time in beautifully embossed hardbound editions from Penguin Books.

Each one prices at a reasonable $20.00 and is available in the Anthropologie Book Store. Check out the many other fabulous titles they offer!


D.I.Y. Tufted Headboard

If you were a fan of yesterday's Beautiful Belenko post, today's project follows quite fittingly!

All this one takes is a little paint, a stencil, and a steady hand. Get the full instructions & downloadable button tufting template here.


Beautiful Belenko

Baroque-inspired gift shop by Ukrainian interior designers, Belenko.

All of the crown & baseboard molding has been painted on the walls, providing a fantastic optical illusion! The chandelier box lights are brilliant as well.


so Zealous for: VICTORIA LEGRAND

Singer. Beach House.

I'm still buzzing from the Beach House concert I went to last week...and best of all, we got to hang with Victoria afterward! She offered to call my work to get me out of going the next day too, it was hilarious. However, I didn't think she could convince my boss that she was my aunt I stayed with over Easter!

Adorable style. Lovely jams.


Best of the Week Vol. Thirty-Five

1. The Tokyo Baby Cafe is an aesthetically pleasing coffeehouse where both the parents & kids can have an equally great time.

2. An interesting article on how the paperback novel changed popular literature.

3. Make your Moleskine work for you with these notebook hacks.

4. Fashion bloggers 1st posts. You've come a long way, babies...

5. Meet Mrs. Lilien and her fabulous blog.

[Image via Audrey Hepburn Complex.]


Best of the Week Vol. Thirty-Five

1. Le Petit Echo Malade (french translation: The Small Sick Echo) is one of the funniest things I've come across in a long time. I love the fact that two dudes have taken the time to parody some of the web's most affluent style bloggers. Imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery...

2. Are capsule hotels the next big thing?

3. Would You Rock This? is a social media experiment in which fashion designers can upload their illustrations and the public can vote on their favorite looks. It provides a space for the designer to get direct feedback from the consumer and a general feel for their particular market.

4. Take a stroll down memory lane and check out this The Baby Sitter's Club/ fashion tribute blog, What Claudia Wore. Read clips of old stories & things you could never afford on a baby-sitter's salary.

5. The first ever screen adaptation of Alice in Wonderland has been restored by the British Film Institute and available to watch in it's entirety. Made in 1903 on 33mm film, it has a running time of 9 minutes.

6. Karl Lagerfeld for...Coca-Cola? See it to believe it (fingers crossed this isn't some lingering April Fool's joke).

Thought on a Friday // 04.02.10

[Image via FFFFound.]
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