Second Lives

NY Times online recently featured excerpts from the Second Lives exhibit at the Museum of Arts & Design. This phenomenal piece by Stuart Haygarth is a chandelier made entirely of recycled eyeglasses.

(Peruse through the slideshow and don't miss the radical tidal wave of vinyl records!)

Back to the topic of chandeliers, if you were ever interested on how to properly clean one, here is a link to an amusing site that teaches not only that, but everything else from remote controls to Wii Fit boards.


The Aesthetically Pleasing Book Cover Club

Now moderating The Aesthetically Pleasing Book Cover Club on Flickr! Presenting my first entry:

A safe place to judge books by their fabulous covers.

Please join and submit your favs!


Best of the Week Vol. 3

1.) Beautiful images from the D&G 10 Year Book Project by Nuearmy.
2.) Cut # 01:Prayer on the Behance Network from Danile Napolitano's profile. I just really love this clip.
3.) Marie Antoinette inspired boutique! Confection Perfection courtesy of Desire to Inspire.
4.) Nubby Twiglet is probably my all-time favorite blogger (of the moment). Here's a fantastic article she wrote on The Power of Personal Branding.
5.) Gorgeous pic featured on sfgirlbybay blog.
6.) Zooey Deschanel on the October cover of Nylon Magazine. The girl! The hair! The typeface! Check it.


Cubicle Make-over

Here's an incredibly low quality camera phone pic of my newly made-over cubicle. I did it in part of a challenge with friends and, of course, finished it the week I resigned! At least I can appreciate irony...

P.S. How fabulous do the wall sconces look in a corporate setting though?!


design: related

design:related is something I've recently discovered and have found to be quite an incredible networking resource. Think Linked In meets LookBook for artists.

You can create your own portfolio, meet other designers, browse job listings, and even follow updates on Twitter!

Images posted are from the portfolio of Sigrid Jelambi.


Best of the Week Vol. 2

Clearly not as many links as last week's first volume, but here's a few of the stand-outs:

1.)Andrea Heimer's Pop Portraits Series on Flickr.
2.) One of the catalysts in my recent earth-shattering career move, "How to Cope with a Quarter Life Crisis" (Part 1) by Gala Darling.
3.) Marjorie Skouras Design courtesy of Desire to Inspire.
4.) The Royal Treatment, NY Times.
5.) Affair Typeface available at Veer.com.


In wonder, I wonder what happens next...?

“Everyone has a talent, what is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.”— Erica Jong

Apologies for the lack of activity, Zealots! A series of events, both unfortunate and inspiring, have prompted me to resign my job in newspaper advertising. Though I'm not entirely sure of what this decision will lead to, I KNOW that it was time to move on and start pursing the things that make me feel alive.

The work of Frank Chimero

Hopefully this will include some more time to devote to the soZealous brand! I've been pretty wrapped up with a custom order for Kara Mann Design (which I am very excited & please with), so once that's completed there should be some new items in the shop.

Thanks be to God and my lovely family & friends for their support in this decision.


Best of the Week Vol. I {8th-14th Sept}

So, this is a new section I will be trying to introduce to the blog. I imagine it will evolve over time, but there are so many wonderful, inspiring items & images I come across in a week and I figured that I would start highlighting some of those. Enjoy

1). Photograph from All Things Bright and Beautiful blog.
2.) Heart Necklace from Dudua.
3.) Pretty vintage garments from Pinky's Daily Planner.
4.) Bianca Alexander takes beautiful photos.
5). The Black Apple demonstrates using suitcases as storage.
6.) Chandelier from fab online store, Z Gallerie.
7.) The Shoot Factory is like a location agency for shoots of all kinds, be it film, photography, etc. Check out some of the design schemes!
8.) Austin City Limit featured an Arcade Fire performance this past weekend and I was reminded of how much I enjoy Regine Chassagne's fashion statements, particulary these fantastic gloves (photo by Sassafrass on Flickr) . I might try replicating a pair of these for my winter wardrobe;)
9.) Bow, bows, BOWS from Lou Lou's Bow Emporium .
10.) Fifi Lapin is probably the web's most fashionable illustrated bunny. Here she is in a Betsey Johnson frock.



LookBook is a invite only street fashion site in which the user may upload their "look" and gain points as a reputable stylist. All submissions must be approved by the LookBook moderators, thus giving the overall project a very professional and polished feel.

Fans of Wardrobe Remix, The Sartorialist, Free People, etc. will appreciate.

LookBook user Lock Sin has an adorable look and a fabulous website to boot!


Resident Artists Present: Low Brow Elite

Fantastic local talent being featured this Friday, 12th September at the Gateway Lofts in Des Moines. You can visit the official Resident Artists site here.


Preparing for the Fall

Just returned from a fabulous thifting weekend in Minneapolis! An exhorbiant items of items have been purchased for re-vamption! Stay tuned to the Etsy shop for more sconces, mirrors, frames, and then some to be posted in the coming weeks.

Some lovely vintage pieces were also discovered that will be contributing to my "Autumn Look". This pic is the embodiment of what I would like that to look like:

Cheers to Design That Kills for discovering this on the Nordstrom website.


Love for the Little Composition Book

Let me count thy ways...

1). Stylish—Black + White = Always fashionable
2). Accessible—Effortlessly fits into pockets, purses, etc.
3). CHEAP! Like, $.86 cheap!

The little composition book has certainly got my organizational life back on track! Great ideas are too fleeting, so they're great to have for jotting notes or drawings when the inspiration is there.

Mine is already accumulating many thoughts in regard to the future of soZealous (shop & blog). I've learned a lot over the past four months facilitating this and I'm ready for some more consistent, focused postings.

I also came across a wonderful site called BACE today. It's a fabulous resource geared toward aspiring designers who have very little business experience. Informative AND aesthetically pleasing! This next season is going to be great...



New Mixed Media Projects!

My Labor Day mixed media experiments are now available on Etsy! Enjoy!

New Banner!

Designed by my talented husband, Wayde! He's currently working on new portfolio pieces and his graphic design services are now available.

For inquiries, please contact him at: waydestover@gmail.com
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