Hi, there. Been awhile. I can't say that this blog has been very high on my priority list lately, especially since much of my time is spent mom-ing and interneting for other people. But when a last minute opportunity to trek down to Kansas City for the Go Blog Social Conference with a friend, I figured--why not??

This gorgeously curated event was held at the Berg Event Space in downtown KC. There were INCREDIBLE swag bags, succulents, shiny garlands, a photo booth...no detail was left untouched. It truly wouldn't have been a lifestyle blogger conference without so many pretty things to photograph and post to Instagram.

Heads down, devices up. Welcome to the world of lady bloggers. 

My partner-in-con(ference), Kayla of Many Sparrows. We could pass for sisters, don't you think? 

Due to a parking lot fiasco involving faulty pay-by-smartphone apps & jacked voice recognition systems, I missed half of opener Alissa Circle's presentation. The silver lining to that cloud was finding a $100 bill in an alley on the way back in to the event space, which H&M later confirmed was NOT counterfeit. From the little I did catch of the Pollinate Media founder's talk, I was reminded to make time for myselfthat I can't fill another person's cup if mine isn't full.

Laurie Davis (pictured above) shared how she launched her business, eFlirt, with $50 and a Twitter account during the recession.

Additional #GBS2015 Gems:

Only good can come from supporting other people. @withgracegold

Your network is your net worth. @AleaLovely

Only 3% of people write down their goalsthat 3% accomplish more than than the 97% combined. @sugarbeecrafts

So many of the GBS speakers were just regular people who decided to make their dreams a reality by appointing themselves to the position they wanted to be in. They recognized gaps in the system that could only be filled by their authentic selves. They took huge risks and saw equally huge pay offs. It was inspiring. The opportunity to go to this conference couldn't have popped up a better time. I was fresh off a week of nursing sick kiddos, so I was definitely in need of a little pampering & refreshment. GBS delivered.

I would recommend Go Blog Social to anyone looking for encouragement in their blog journey. The internet is bursting with amazing blogs and there's not enough hours in a day to read even my favorite ones, let alone consistently maintain my own. But you shouldn't feel like there isn't enough room for you on the web if blogging is what you love to do. In the words of speaker Mandy Beyeler, "By being yourself, you put something wonderful into the world that wasn't there before."
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