The 48 Hour Film Project

Napkin Sketch Productions in association with 48HFP is proud to present "The West Excursion".
Plucky door-to-door dream peddler, Alan West, searches for someone to participate in his fantasical "excursion".

Come see our short film!
Thursday, July 31
Time: 7 and 9:30pm
Place: Fleur Cinema & Cafe, 4545 Fleur Drive
Tickets: Available at Iowa Tix

Official Des Moines 48 Hour Film Site

photo by Matthew Shwery


Out of Office Reply

The mind behind soZealous will be otherwise occupied with filming duties this weekend in part of the 48 Hour Film Project.

All shop purchases will be shipped out at the beginning of next week. Thank you for your patience and hopefully we'll have the finished short film up and available for viewing SOON!


New items (and featured art) on Etsy!

It has been a most productive weekend for soZealous with some new items up in the shop. This particular drawing is one of my work doodles. It's silly, but looks great on the yellow corkboard!


Customer Appreciation

While supplies last, I will be including these cute little wall pieces with Etsy purchases.

Call it my "screen-printing" project. More items to be posted SOON!


Shop News — July '08 Edition

soZealous has somehow maintained to keep moving along despite the slumping economy! I know that there are always going to be more important things to purchase, like food, so I appreciate all of your business and inquiries!

I have recently been replenshed with a bountious amount of wall pieces including some unique mirrors and ruffle frames. Needless to say, my weekend plans are set! And those who have made your special requests—I have not forgotten about you!!

In other creative news, I've been busy collaborating with my husband on some graphic design work (some of which you may see appearing on this blog in the future). I've also been clumsily learning to operate his Nikon D70 camera. Inspiration abounds! Stay tuned.



I've been contemplating a painting side-project that I could integrate into the soZealous shop. Some possible framed portraiture featuring my white-out collection from the office.

An as-of-late great source of inspiration has come in the form of graphic novels, which I'm realizing strays far outside the boundaries of my (shamefully) stereotypical Japanime assumptions (which is completely fascinating in itself).

This image is a likeness from one of my current readings, a graphic novel called Shortcomings by Adrian Tomine.

Anyway, I really dig his style.


Altered Altar

This photo is from a wedding I attended this past weekend. The brocade inspired bride chose this beautifully unconventional setting as the backdrop for their vows. More pictures on my Flickr.

Congrats Luke & Megan!


New Sconces Available!

There are some new sconces available in the soZealous Etsy shop.
Get 'em while they're hawt!

And don't hesitate to send any custom requests my way either. There are more sconces waiting to be re-vamped—many colors available!!


Brocade Home Semi-Annual Sale

Brocade Home is having a sale, including these adorable corkboard frames for the low price of $129!....?

OR you can head over to the soZealous Etsy Shop and find something quite similar for a tenth of the price!


Flickr Mosaics

Rules for making your mosaic:
a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into Mosaic Maker.

1. Fav Band
2. Mode of Transportation
3. Favorite place you've eaten
4. Dream piece of furniture
5. Coolest thing you've ever created
6. Your fav jam or marmelade
7. What plus what equals total awesomeness
8. List something you never did, but have always wanted to do
9. Fav piece of jewelry
10. Pet peeve
11. What body part you like best about yourself
12. One word to describe significant other / BFF

See my mosaic on my Flickr photostream.



Visionary corporate author Victionary has produced a spectacular line of visually gratifying books containing everything from art, fashion, photography, typeface, etc. Anyone looking for a huge dose of inspiration will not be disappointed by these collaborations.

Images from the book Amatterofdesign™ It's a Matter of Illustration (2007).


Re-vamped Revisions

I've made some slight alterations to some existing Etsy pieces, as well as some more flattering new pics. Also, there is a new corkboard where a ruffle frame used to be;)

Wouldn't this look great on your wall??

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