Shameless Market Day Iowa Plug

This weekend is Market Day Iowa!! I've been super busy painting & assembling pretty things for my booth. The blog has suffered a bit, but regular posts will commence next week.

If sales this Saturday aren't huge, Etsy shop lovers can expect a hefty update in August!! We're looking at a win/win situation here, in my opinion. GET EXCITED.


D.I.Y. Plate Mirror

Here's a tutorial from Martha Stewart on repurposing an old plate into a pretty little mirror.

This is especially great if that particular plate has any imperfections, but you can't seem to part with it. Doesn't the ribbon give it such a nice touch?

If purple is your color, I'll be bringing a handfull of pieces donning the hue at this weekend's Market Day Iowa! I hear it's pretty hot this season;) Hope to see you there!


Happy Little Customers

One of my customers sent this adorable photo of her little girls, Maya & Elle, enjoying the custom order I made.

Don't they have the sweetest little bedroom?

Check out the full set on Kirsten Rickert's blog—she takes beautiful photos and has some great DIY posts!!


Another weekend in the life...

This was one of those weekends where everything I planned seemed to fall through, but what happened in place of it was possibly more enjoyable.

Our craft party was under attended, so the few of us that were there went to see Exit Thru The Gift Shop (a Banksy joint) at Fleur Cinema. LOVED IT. I laughed, I cried (or not), my love for art & filmmaking was reignited.

Saturday night was the DEVO concert!! We didn't actually buy tickets, but the spot we secured on the side of the stage got us a full view of the action. Such a gorgeous view of Des Moines behind the flooded Simon Estes ampitheatre...

A little mid-century magazine rack from my thrifting excursion.

Retro sewing table I scored for $5.

And finally, I peek at my Market Day Iowa booth I've been busy filling & merchandising. IT'S ALMOST HERE!!

Best of the Week Vol. Forty-Five [& 400th Post!]

1. In honor of the season 4 premiere, the NY Times assembled this slideshow of 30 modern spins on Mad Men fashion.

2. Tables & pinhole cameras made from old books.

3. IKEA products revamped by stylist, Lo Bjurulf.

4. Master the mid-century look with A Beautiful Mess's online Retro Beauty School.

6. Andy Warhol lives on...in champagne.

[Image via stardust1978.]


Thought on a Friday // 07.23.10

If crafting is what you love (and you're in the Des Moines area), this is the LAST CALL for our little maker's gathering tonight! I know this is really short notice, but it will totally be worth it.

In addition to making pretty things, we'll also be serving wine, zucchini pesto bread w/ goat cheese, and this:

[Images via: Bandito Design, Smitten Kitchen.]


Trailer Park Penthouse

On the rooftop of Cape Town, South Africa's Grand Daddy Hotel resides a shining fleet of revamped Airstreams.

Guests of the trailer park resort may stroll through the gardens, enjoy a martini at the bar, or catch an outdoor film screening courtesy of the Pink Flamingo Cinema.

Love of Lace trailer by Tracy Lynch

The Dorothy Trailer by Sarah Pratt



D.I.Y. Fabric Flower Pin

Add a little homemade flair to any outfit from 1 of 6 tutorials (packed into 2 videos) released by Threadbanger.

Or you could buy this prettly little one [shown above] from Daintily Designs on Etsy.



Back by popular demand, Leslie (of Urban Posture) and I will be hosting another night of crafting!! I can't promise a double-decker cake from Carefree Patisserie like last time, but it will be a fun evening of making things & hanging out with creative ladies.

Just bring yourself and a project you're working on! There will also be plenty of supplies if you show up empty-handed, so don't even think of using that as an excuse.

Friday, July 23rd, from 7:30-11pm at my place. Email me if you're interested or need directions at: sozealous@gmail.com. Hope to see you there!!

[Photo credit: Colette Patterson.]

soZealous for: FEATHERS

[Photo credits: 1.weheartit. 2.csebastien. 3.glowbaby tumblr. 4.the doppelganger tumblr. 5.obsessionmia blog. 6.jemapelle tumblr. 7.weheartit. 8.carolinesmode. 9.this is glamorous. 10.r9m flickr. 11.yayyayeveryday. 12.gluegun tumblr.]


Something Old, Something New

This past weekend was the wedding celebration of our friends, BreeAnn & David. As Wayde was an usher, we were both wrapped up with nuptial duties from rehearsal to reception.

The above pics were from a photobooth that the couple arranged for the guests. The ceremony was beautiful & a very fun night overall!!

With all the wedding festivities (and extreme heat), I didn't have time to make the regular thrifting circuit. What I received from my Grandmother though far surpassed anything I could've found that day...

This Singer Featherweight was hers many years ago and my Mother sewed a few outfits for me as a child on the machine as well. It still works perfectly and I'm SO glad I got to have her teach me how to use it.

Featherweights in this condition sell for anywhere between $300-500, according to my online research.

I never plan on cashing in.


Best of the Week Vol. Forty-Four

1. Articles like this make me proud to be from the "corn belt".

2. As if London hosting the 2012 Olympic Games wasn't great enough, Stella McCartney will be designing the British team uniforms.

3. Can you match the celebrity to their sleeping quarters?

4. Until there's a boardgame wholly devoted to typography, this activity book will suffice.

5. An interesting piece on the real life 'Mad Men' of the 1960's advertising revolution.

6. If you're interested in making your home feel more hotel-like, click here. OR, your hotel room more home-like, click here.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

[Image via mypeterpancomplex tumblr.]

Thought on a Friday // 07.16.10

I've been enjoying a lot of this lately in part of my self-imposed "maker's seclusion" and it's given me a lot of time to think, plan, dream, etc.

Much needed & much appreciated.

[Image via weheartit.]


Recent Things / Projects

New [old] glasses: I'm seriously contemplating putting lenses in these. They're a little scratched up along the rims, but not enough for me to care. SO RETRO.

Frame sets in new colors: I realize some of the bright paints I use are a little polarizing, so I'm working on broadening my stock. Also working on some groupings to include a corkboard, a chalkboard, & a picture frame.

Chalkboards: More to be added to the shop.

Shoebags: I've been making these little "dusters" out of vintage linens and I'd like to include a few at my Market Day booth if I make enough in time! So, what do you think? Your feedback is appreciated.

Betsey Johnson's Pink Apartment

This feature was originally published in Elle Decor UK's August 2007 issue. I'm not quite sure the fashion icon still calls this place 'home', but I think it still looks as great as ever.

I had a pink bedroom growing up, which I got a lot of crap for. I've really come to terms with my love for the hue within the last couple years. And for me, this is not too much pink. It is dangerously close to the borderline though...

[Images via Kitschy Coco, Apartment Therapy, & Design Wonderland.]
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