Psychologic by Christian Louboutin

In this modern day reimagination of Psycho, Marion Crane dies and goes to shoe heaven. (SPOILER ALERT: The ones she picks at the end would've been my choice too).

This short was done as a promotion for Christian Louboutin's new boutique in Hollywood, naturally.

The insurgence of fashion/ film shorts that continue to pop up is truly DELIGHTFUL. Feel free to link me to any amazing ones I might have missed!

The Letting Go

Excerpts from The Letting Go, a collaborative art & poetry zine by the WAFA Collective.


Autumn is for Lovers.

Taking pictures while taking pictures.

Me & Nicole, my sister-in-law to be in less than 3 weeks!

Matt needs to become a singer/songwriter so this can be the cover of his first EP.

Would you believe these lovely photos were captured on an iPhone? My dear friend, Alicia, took these using the HELGA application for iPhone this past weekend at the Poyzer wedding. I thought they looked so beautiful that I had to feature them here! (Just another reason for me to want an iPhone now).


D.I.Y. The Lady Gaga Look

Whether you love her or hate her, Lady Gaga sure got everyone talking with her raucous VMA performance & frequent costume changes at the award show this past weekend. You know I was ALL ABOUT that Rococo-inspired stage design for "Paparazzi"!

So, what better way to achieve the Gaga look than with a little "shoulder drama" from Brick My Lane?

This other one I had to throw in for fun!

Or maybe you do have a legitimate need for some lacy bunny ears in your life?

Maison Michel's Laced Bunny Ears tutorial from Behind The Seams.


Vitae 1 Year Anniversary Party!

Vitae Design Collective is one year old! Join in on the celebration on Sept. 11 from 5-10pm during ArtStop. There will be some SERIOUS snacks, spirits, and even a cake! Check out the newest art installation by John Bosley's "People You Probably Know" and music by DJ Stop Action.

I'll be dropping by...Will you??


Thought on a Friday // 09.04.09

I'm on location No. 21 at the moment. Location counting as a mailing address, not including the 7 different dorm rooms I inhabited during my 4 years in college.

You can only imagine my desire for a little constancy in my life; to nest. And as our personal deadline for finding a house this year draws to a close, I wait in anticipation...

To be continued.

[If you enjoyed this illustrated factoid, you can LEARN SOMETHING EVERYDAY here.]
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