D.I.Y. The Lady Gaga Look

Whether you love her or hate her, Lady Gaga sure got everyone talking with her raucous VMA performance & frequent costume changes at the award show this past weekend. You know I was ALL ABOUT that Rococo-inspired stage design for "Paparazzi"!

So, what better way to achieve the Gaga look than with a little "shoulder drama" from Brick My Lane?

This other one I had to throw in for fun!

Or maybe you do have a legitimate need for some lacy bunny ears in your life?

Maison Michel's Laced Bunny Ears tutorial from Behind The Seams.

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  1. Love these !! If you want a simpler version of the ears - it is not as beautiful though - here is another type: http://fashionableearth.org/blog/2009/10/22/ears-by-yasmin/

    We are going to see so many Lady Gagas this halloween haha


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