27 Weeks

So, I finally got around to scheduling a chiropractic appointment. And magically, my back began hurting less. I'm still looking forward to going though. The discomfort comes and goes, but I'm hoping it will better prepare my body for the labor/ delivery portion of this experience.

I feel like I should be doing more to train for this, but I mainly just sleep whenever I can. Since I actually know what I'm getting into this time...

The whole body-being-ravaged by pregnancy can naturally bring a girl down, so it helps to put a little more effort into my appearance. I don't paint my nails often, but this hot coral color is rocking my world. It's the little things...

I hit a mini-milestone this week too by completing the whole first page of my Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan. Have I ever followed through with a New Year's resolution this far into the year? My mind is blanking. I've attempted this feat in the past with poor results, but this plan is actually the most practical I've ever come across.

For example, there are only 25 days to each month so if you miss one or two, you don't get crazy behind. It's all about grace, people. Thanks to my homegirl (in my mind), Jami Nato, for referring this plan.

In other news, this weekend marks Wayde & my 5 year wedding anniversary! Unreal. So looking forward to getting out of town, staying at a swanky hotel, and indulging in lots good food for a couple days. To be continued...xx


Weekend Sweetness

This past weekend had its share of particularly sweet moments, which included:

Ice cream. We may or may not have gone to Snookie's in Beaverdale more than once for chocolate-dipped twist cones.

Giggles. If you are familiar with Snookie's, then you are aware of it's eclectic collection of books throughout the dining area. Ruby's selection had us cracking up...I Am Becoming the Woman I've Wanted. No light reading for this little lady.

Snuggles. There's a 50/50 chance that Ruby will end up in our bed before the end of the night on most nights. The nice thing about it is that she's super cuddly when she does. I awoke Sunday morning to her little arm up around my face. These are the moments that make being a parent so totally worth it.

Adorableness. I think Ruby has inherited her parents' love of picture taking.

Cuteness overload. Enough said. Hope your weekend was equally sweet...xx


25 & 26

Falling a bit behind on the maternity posts...and on most things, in general. Being pregnant with a 1.5 year old while working full-time can sure suck the energy out of a person...

The nights of somewhat restful sleep are slowly dwindling. I go to bed as early as I can not knowing how many hours of uninterrupted Z's I'm gonna get. If it's not this little one kicking around inside of me, it's Ruby having trouble sleeping. And the back pain...oh, the back pain. Heating pad, you are my new BFF.

At least we have baby's room painted..? And that's about it. No other furniture yet besides this sweet rocker and a shelf. Ruby is still occupying the crib (most nights) and we'd like to keep it in her room so she can get a real sense of ownership (?) in there.

The way I see it, Baby #2 will probably be in our room for the first few months anyway. Still, I am SO ready to finish decorating this room.

Stay tuned...more to come on that project...xx



With the arrival of Spring, slowly but surely, we are seeing for the first time what our backyard actually looks like. And it's not pretty. It used to be. What was once a heavily landscaped area (we have the maps to prove it) is nothing but dead leaves & dirty ground in it's current state.

Though we probably won't be able to plant anything new this year, as there are several perrenials popping their way through the soil, we're looking forward to the prospect of backyard picnics & blowing bubbles & sidewalk chalk-a-thons in our own backyard.  

In other sprouting news, Ruby's hair is just long enough now to wrangle into pigtails. She sits super still while Mama tugs on her tresses & is always so pleased with the finished product. Little girls are such a joy!

After seeing this place on a recent episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, we decided to check out the infamous B&B Grocery and Deli on Des Moines' southeast side.

It was gritty, unexpected, and oh so tasty - we love places like this. The sandwiches are pretty killer, indeed.

Mama's wardrobe is fastly becoming one of Ruby's favorite hangout spots. I think every little girl's mama ought to have one;)

Wayde things it's weird that I have styled the top shelf to feel less like a storage space and more like a boutique. It's still a work in progress. What are your thoughts??

And lastly, the closest thing this prego mama is going to get to a cocktail for a very long time. But a worthy substitute, I might add.
Lemonade + chopped strawberries + rosemary. You NEED to try this. Just looking at this photo has me thirsting for another one. Right. Now.
Be back soon...xx


24 Weeks

I wish I was doing something cooler than taking bathroom photos to document my "maternity series", but whatever.

I have more energy now than I did in my first trimester, but the little things are starting to feel harder to do. Like putting on socks. Maybe if Spring actually started to act like it was supposed to, I wouldn't have to worry about that. It's been a long winter in Iowa, my friends. Makes me feel like the end of Summer is very far away, when it really isn't.

Also, I got my first mid-night Charley Horse this week. The kind that jar you awake and you have to stamp them out on the floor to make them go away. At least we don't have a neighbor below us this time to be alerted of my discomfort. SO. NOT. FUN.

I'm trying to embrace as much sleep as possible, being all too familiar with those days & nights where I was tired beyond all reason with a newborn. Yep, still fresh in my mind...yet SO totally worth it, if you asked me:) xx


Easter 2013

What a wonderful Easter weekend it was! Ruby was able to participate in her first big Easter egg hunt that was organized by our incredible church.

There were candy-filled eggs (naturally), face-painting, cotton candy, and inflatables to name a few things. All of which Ruby indulged in (& LOVED) even more than we expected.

On your mark..get set...go!! Ruby paused to dance until I "explained" to her what was going on;)

 Little lady would've been happy if we had left her in here all day.

I thought we'd give the face-painting a chance and warned the artist that she might not be able to finish the job...

Surprisingly, Ruby held still long enough to be transformed into a pretty little kitty. Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised...after all, she likes for me to pretend to put make-up on her!

 Turns out that pretty little kitties aren't big fans of kisses:/

Ruby in her "princess" dress.

Easter Sunday morning was spent at church celebrating the resurrection of our risen Savior. The later part of the day was spent in the company of family (both sides), sharing meals & taking much needed naps. A good day, indeed:)

Kind of crazy to think that there will be another face in our family photo next Easter! Hope everyone else had a beautiful Easter weekend too xx
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