With the arrival of Spring, slowly but surely, we are seeing for the first time what our backyard actually looks like. And it's not pretty. It used to be. What was once a heavily landscaped area (we have the maps to prove it) is nothing but dead leaves & dirty ground in it's current state.

Though we probably won't be able to plant anything new this year, as there are several perrenials popping their way through the soil, we're looking forward to the prospect of backyard picnics & blowing bubbles & sidewalk chalk-a-thons in our own backyard.  

In other sprouting news, Ruby's hair is just long enough now to wrangle into pigtails. She sits super still while Mama tugs on her tresses & is always so pleased with the finished product. Little girls are such a joy!

After seeing this place on a recent episode of Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, we decided to check out the infamous B&B Grocery and Deli on Des Moines' southeast side.

It was gritty, unexpected, and oh so tasty - we love places like this. The sandwiches are pretty killer, indeed.

Mama's wardrobe is fastly becoming one of Ruby's favorite hangout spots. I think every little girl's mama ought to have one;)

Wayde things it's weird that I have styled the top shelf to feel less like a storage space and more like a boutique. It's still a work in progress. What are your thoughts??

And lastly, the closest thing this prego mama is going to get to a cocktail for a very long time. But a worthy substitute, I might add.
Lemonade + chopped strawberries + rosemary. You NEED to try this. Just looking at this photo has me thirsting for another one. Right. Now.
Be back soon...xx


  1. I love the styled "boutique". It's the little things to make us smile, right? :)


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