The Pantone Hotel Experience

The Pantone color universe has a sparkling new addition...a boutique hotel! Located in Brussels, guests are encouraged to select a room by hue to compliment their mood.

Unlike many other designer hotels, the nightly rate at this establishment is quite reasonable. Something to keep in mind whilst visiting Belgium's capital city...


D.I.Y. Sewing Tips

Now that I'm the proud owner of a Singer Slant-O-Matic (as of last weekend), I'm getting anxious to start grinding out my own garments! Only thing is, I don't really know where to start...

My online research has led me to discover Amber Eden, who has published a good many D.I.Y. sewing articles for stylelist. Here are the links to some of my favorite (and most informative) posts by her:

First Forms First and Required Reading

See How Your Pattern Fits Before Making the Real Thing

Make Your Own Couture-Like Garments

Vintage Patterns in Modern Times

Recycling and Restyling Resources

This image is of one of the patterns I purchased at the most INCREDIBLE estate sale I visited this past weekend. And the best part is that I got the armload of books & patterns I was going to purchase FOR FREE after discovering a pile of money on a bookshelf & bringing it to the attention of the sale facilitators.

Honesty pays, dear readers.

[Photo credit: pinksuedeshoe.]


soZealous for: ZEBRA PRINTS

[Photo credits: 1.jakandjil. 2.fashiongonerogue. 3.luphia. 4.linaelise. 5.heather & ellie flickr. 6.einnobbb. 7.michael partenio. 8.edona on deviant art. 9.shawn-x. 10.kamen flickr. 11.chelsamander. 12.mellaplace.]


Best of the Week Vol. Thirty-Eight

1. Bite-sized Eames chairs & IKEA staples on display in these modernist dollhouses.

2. Flea Market shopping tips from the profesionals.

3. A clothing boutique modeled around a catwalk.

4. Fashionista compiled this list of the world's most influential personal style bloggers.

5. Samples of two new tracks from one of my favorite bands, Arcade Fire, is available on their site. Though listening to them will require a little elbow (or wrist?) grease...

[Image via FFFFound.]


Maison Moschino

Maison Moschino is a fairy tale themed hotel that reflects the style of it's fashion house counterpart.

Located in Milan, Italy, this former neoclassical railway station now houses 65 individually designed suites & a world-class sushi restaurant.

"Because to sleep is perchance to dream, and dreams are fairy tales that we are allowed to experience first hand, the fables of a fantasy world that we have created."

The hotel even has it's own official trailer!!

[Photo credits: Hotel Philosophy.]


D.I.Y. Paper Dogwood Flowers

Flower arrangements aren't always the most affordable, whether it's artificial or the real thing. That's why I love this project from Martha Stewart (of course) utilizing a branch from the yard & some crafty paper cuttings. Can't wait to try this one for myself!!

I'm still waiting on an IKEA run before shooting a Selby-esque montage of our new home. Soon, dear readers...very soon.


soZealous for: TWINS

Twins are on the brain as I am anxiously anticipating the arrival of my favorite pair, Dena & Maren of Heads Twogether notoriety. They shall be my first overnight guests in the new apartment! Looking forward to good food, photo shoots, & estate sales this weekend...

[Photo credits: 1.weheartit. 2.designguide.cz. 3.mymodernmet.com. 4.wemovedtothe18thfloor blogg. 5.thebrokenhearts myspace. 6.Brian Romero blog. 7.lolita blogg. 8.remap tumblr. 9.amandaiscat tumblr. 10.zemotion.net. 11.Diane Arbus. 12.The Sartorialist.]


Humble Materials

Intricut paper craftings from Nikki Salk & Amy Flurry for the Paper Cut Project. The collection was born out of "a love of fashion and an appreciation of the grace and nuance of this humble material".

Wigs are currently on display at Jeffrey locations in New York & Atlanta.

Check out the stunning Anamalia series if you visit the site!
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