Best of the Week Vol. Thirty-Four

1. A crazy mental health clinic (no pun intended) where the doors don't open but the walls do...

2. The Lolita Covers, 1950s-2000s.

3. Prada rocked the sultry secretary look in Milan at this week's Fall/Winter 2010 show! Watch the full version here.

4. A good read on actions speaking louder than 'scores' in the world of social media.

5. The charmed life of Andy & Kate Spade.


The Ghost Who Walks

Upon hearing that Mrs. Jack White (a.k.a. Karen Elson) recorded an album, I was skeptical...

Now, I'm just jealous that so much beauty & talent can exist in a single person.


D.I.Y. Pinhole Rebel Camera

Simply print and assemble this camera obscura by Hubero Kororo.

Download the PDF here. And you might turn out with something like this:


An Ideal Workspace

This one could also be filed under "Dream Big". All images from the fantabulous offices of Chandelier Creative.

I'll also take this moment to announce that I will be starting a new job as of tomorrow. I'm very much looking forward to this opportunity and hope to keep up with the blog posts regularly. If I'm slacking over the next few weeks though, you'll know the reason why!


so Zealous for: POLKA DOTS

[Photo Credits: 1.Musterstudie 4 by Ungeheuer. 2.Weheartit. 3.Oh Joy! 4.The_Venus. 5.JakandJil. 6.Betsey Johnson 2008 Lookbook. 7. Gagavida. 8.Lula Magazine. 9.Hello Tiger. 10.I_Have_Wings. 11.American Vintage Home.]


Best of the Week Vol. Thirty-Three

1. Great post on supporting indie fashion designers including buying tips & a few fashionistas to follow. (via @averyshygirl)

2. Bonnie & Clyde reimagined for Harper's Bazaar March 2010 issue. My current obsession might have something to do with recently purchasing the Bonnie & Clyde album by Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg. Try not to get this song stuck in your head...

3. Skelliewag says that if you want to have great ideas, then STOP WORKING.

4. What's Alexa Chung been up to since It's On went off? Piecing together this adorable line for Madewell's Fall 2010 collection.

5. This list could easily have been the Best of Rodarte this week! From the Olympics to Fashion Week to an exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum, the Mulleavy sisters are all over the place!

6. A creative approach to the Lenten experience.


Thought on a Friday // 02.19.10

Deep thoughts, indeed. But the latest campaign for French Connection's The Man / The Woman by Fallon is so likable with its witty captions and minimal photography.

There's even a series of shorts that will screen around films targeted specifically to the male and female audiences. Watch them all on the French Connection's video channel.


so Zealous for: MACARONS

A macaron by any other name (or spelling, a.k.a. macaroon) would taste as sweet...

People of Des Moines, rejoice! A direct flight to the famed, Parisian "macaronarie", Laduree, is not required to satisfy your cravings for these delightful treats.

La Mie, my favorite local bakery & lunch spot, is now carrying miniature macarons for $1.25/each. SO DELICIOUS!

You don't have to take my word for it though...check out this clip from NPR's All Things Considered for their perspective on the latest "it" dessert.

[Photo Credits: 1.Serious Eats. 2.Glyphin. 3.Daffydil. 4.ForGoodnessCakes! on Flickr. 5.Mad Baker. 6.Just_Maria on Flickr. 7.NewYork808. 8.Beche.]


Best of the Week Vol. Thirty-Two

1. Nothing quite says "I love you" like one of these LOST themed Valentine's Day cards.

2. The Best of Lady Gaga dressed in Alexander McQueen. Also, if you haven't seen these George Washington turned Gaga dollar bills, you're missing out.

3. Opening Ceremony presents "Non Plus One", a short film starring Jason Schwartzman & Kirsten Dunst sporting new looks from the 2010 Spring/ Summer collection.

4. A "simple" guide to recreating couture. Yeah, right...

5. Art History: in it's entirety and at-a-glance.

6. Seriously, I'd take any one of these closets!

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Thought on a Friday // 02.12.10

From 2009's McQ for Target collection featuring slightly creepy, yet lovable, Blythe dolls.

R.I.P. Alexander McQueen 1969-2010.



Côme de Bouchony has created this homage to vintage advertising in a music video for the band Poom's song "Rollercoaster". KITSCHY.


D.I.Y. A Detacher Rose Pillow

Set the scene this Valentine's Day with some pretty pillows (similar to this one available from Z Gallerie).

All you need is a second-hand skirt and a second-hand pillow. Check out the full tutorial at Bromeliad for details!



At least that's what I'm affectionately dubbing these Polaroid scarves by Philippe Roucou. Fashion + Vintage Photography = WIN.

Available at Reborn for not cheap.


so Zealous for: ANNA KARINA

Actress. Godard Muse. French New Wave Pioneer.

All you need for a movie is a girl and a gun. -Jean-Luc Godard

In celebration of their 2 year anniversary, Every Little Counts is giving away this adorable "Ode to Anna Karina" top. Details are on their blog and you have until 13th February to enter. Best of luck!!
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