so Zealous for: MACARONS

A macaron by any other name (or spelling, a.k.a. macaroon) would taste as sweet...

People of Des Moines, rejoice! A direct flight to the famed, Parisian "macaronarie", Laduree, is not required to satisfy your cravings for these delightful treats.

La Mie, my favorite local bakery & lunch spot, is now carrying miniature macarons for $1.25/each. SO DELICIOUS!

You don't have to take my word for it though...check out this clip from NPR's All Things Considered for their perspective on the latest "it" dessert.

[Photo Credits: 1.Serious Eats. 2.Glyphin. 3.Daffydil. 4.ForGoodnessCakes! on Flickr. 5.Mad Baker. 6.Just_Maria on Flickr. 7.NewYork808. 8.Beche.]

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