Volksfaden Fabrics

It's websites like this that REALLY make me wish I knew how to sew! Even for the design challenged, Volksfaden Fabrics is an extremely aesthetically pleasing website.

Picture featuring fabrics from the Erin McMorris collection.


Chalkboards Galore!

There's a flock of these chalkboard frames in stock now available for color customization! Please feel free to convo me on Etsy if you'd prefer one in a particular color!

I've also been putting my own chalkboards to good use, so I can attest to their stylishness AND functionality! Here's a pic from our most recent Napkin Sketch Productions project, a stop-motion short utilizing felt.

The spaceship design was born out of my chalkboard drawings.



Custom Orders Available!

The following items are in stock again. I have one of each available (including both wall sconces in sets of two).

If you are interested in getting any of these in a particular color, please convo me via Etsy and I will work on your order over the Labor Day holiday!

I'm also hoping to post some more chalkboards & mirrors over the weekend too:)


DIY Frame

Can't seem to find the right size frame? Then this brocade style self adhesive wall tape is perfect to fit your two dimensional decorative needs. BRILLIANT.

Available at Modern Poverty.


Stumbled upon this beautiful Vetements Polka Dot Bow Necklace from UK jeweler Paraphernalia.

Be sure to check out the other lovely items on her site! She has a wonderful collection of necklaces & buttons that are probably in need of a good home. Like mine.


Twitter Ladies #dmbrunchup

The lovely ladies of the Des Moines Twitter network had a charity brunch today— a fabulous excuse to sport my latest Dorothea's Closet find!

You can look for shop updates at soZealous' Twitter, as well as my general rants & raves.


A Short Love Story in Stop Motion

Too lovely not to share:) For some reason I couldn't embed the clip, so you'll have to watch it here.



Michel Gondry + his perception of Japanese culture = TOKYO!

I can already tell that this is a movie I want to watch & OWN.


Where the Wild Things Are...

Separating the books on your rainbow-coordinated shelf, of course! The Animal Index is available online—for Japanese residents only. Snap.



Thanks to Decor8 Blog for the feature on designer Liza Giles' stunning living quarters.

The juxtaposition of bright frames and hand-colored prints pleases me very much aesthetically.

Dorothea's Closet

Killer finds from local vintage boutique, Dorothea's Closet. They also have items available on Etsy at kissmyvintage.

Originally, I had gone in just to browse, but alas, these TWO dresses begged to come home with me. I couldn't say no. Especially to the stunning one on the left—Oscar de La Renta! Score.


Black Apple Sale

The Black Apple is having a Benefit Sale! August 13th & 14th only, prints are marked down to $12! Proceeds going to the Miette (cat) Rehabilitation Fund.


Hearts Me

Thank you, Lovers, for helping soZealous break the 100 mark this weekend!


Hand-Colored Treasures

Found in an antique pavilion at the Iowa State Fair.

Hand-colored Victorian slide.

Vintage postcard from Japan.


Love Forever

This has been a very exciting blog discovery week for me!

I was quite taken by the craftings of Love Forever and this lampshade in particular.

Her lovely designs may be viewed in the book Complete Embellishings, available now!


Let me call you Sweet Heart.

My Dad found this beautiful music box for me last week. It's a vintage metal powder container that plays an old Bing Crosby tune, "Let me call you Sweet Heart". He hoped I could sell in the shop, but this one I'm keeping for myself! xx Thanks Dad xx


Fun Etsy Game

1). Pick a scenario — this can be an event or inspired by theme/ movie/ person/ etc.
2). Piece together an outfit — using items only available for purchase on Etsy.
3). Post your final design — and don't forget to give props to the crafters!

My outfit was inspired by the movie Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus. I've been slightly obsessed with her photography as of late and was compelled by the visual stylings of the film.

Earrings from kchulita; Clutch from huckleferry; Necklace from dreamalittledream; shoes from darhling; and Dress from solanah.


Not so zealous...

Hey Lovers,

Apologies for neglecting the shop this week:( I've been otherwise occupied with my media endeavors. But I've got a load of new items just waiting to be revamped and uploaded. Until then, there's some items (+ one new one) in the shop that could use a good home!

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