D.I.Y. Diamante

These flashy diamante style tights can be a perfect addition to your summer wardrobe!

The Instructions from Park & Cube are simple and the blog itself is FABULOUS.

On another fashionable note, don't forget about the Runway Review this Thursday featuring local Iowa designers, fashion show, and live music.


Upcoming Event: The Runway Revue

Vitae Collective, friend and carrier of soZealous goods, is proudly hosting "The Runway Revue" this Thursday!

Details above.

Come out and support the stylez & soundz of local designers & creatives!


Craft Saturday [Spring '09 Edition]

Here's a couple photos from yesterday's Craft Saturday at Java Joe's 4th Street Theatre.

I can't say this event was a raging success for me, but I got a few custom orders out of the day and my work cut out for me over the next few weeks!

There is also a deal in the works for some soZealous pieces to be sold at this coming Renegade Craft Fair in New York! Will post more on that as things progress. Exciting, indeed!

Here I am with my fellow booth sellers, Leslie of Urbanestics & Sarah of Good Posture (together under the moniker "Urban Posture").


Best of the Week Vol. XX

Is back (with roman numerals)!

1. Summer, over at Design is Mine, has assembled a lovely collection of white interiors. Anyone know where I can get an "e" like this?

2. So, I adore the YYY's and am most certainly enjoying the new album, It's Blitz! Maybe a little too much. But Karen O's personal costume designer (and former Iowan, holla!) Christian Joy is currently featured on Urban Outfitter's project blog and her work is as fabulous as it is outlandish.

3. I wouldn't mind sittin' in one of these prickly chairs!

4. Bes Parsons is a brilliant, Aussie fashion photographer— her portfolio is a treat to peruse through!

5. Dear Dear Creatures, your duds ARE amazing. LovErin xx


Thought on a Friday // 04.24.2009

Another beautiful print from the Keep Calm Gallery.

TOMORROW IS CRAFT SATURDAY! Hope to see you there!


D.I.Y. Wall Art

This project was as quick as it was easy!

Using half a yard of decorative fabric (purchased from Crafty Planet this past weekend), I was able to fill this rather large IKEA frame with something eye-catching & unique. Simply cut your preferred fabric to any size frame and voila! Instant wall art!

Even better was the price, at under $30 total!

For more ideas on how to spice up your walls, check out this article on 30 DIY Wall Art projects.


Best of [MPLS] Week[end]

Spent this past weekend in Minneapolis scavenging and consuming great food with some of my favorite peeps!

We checked out the Textile Center's annual bag sale on Saturday. This bow was amazing.

Also made the routine stops at my favorite retro shops— Rewind and Blacklist Vintage.

Some of the goods I got from the sale and Crafty Planet. I've got a frame that will be encasing that fabulous numeric fabric.

And of course, IKEA.

P.S. CRAFT SATURDAY is THIS WEEKEND! I'll be bringing the goods, so bring yourself out for it!



Heading up to Minneapolis this weekend to do some thrifting & scavenging with some of my favorite creative lady friends!

In addition to sales at IKEA and the Textile Center, I am anxiously anticipating Record Store Day at the Electric Fetus where I hope to snag a copy of YYY's It's Blitz on vinyl.

On that note, I leave you with this:

Have a great wknd! xx

Thought on a Friday // 04.17.2009


D.I.Y. Contemporize

This one could also be filed under the "duh, yeah!" category. It's pretty straightforward, but it gets the creative juices flowing and gives that random knick knack from Grams a certain shade of cool.

Click here if the picture doesn't explain enough.


Old Meets Moustache

For those of us who can't seem to settle on one particular style, Moustache is out to prove that YES, YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL. That is, if you're comfortable with the whole transitional-to-the-extreme look.

Not so crazy about the balloon-esque paper lamps, but I am certainly encouraged (and inspired)!


Blog Hiatus = OVER

Now I can finally start plugging CRAFT SATURDAY, Des Moines' premiere indie craft sale!

I'll be selling soZealous goods along with Urbanestics & Good Posture's collaborative creative project, "Urban Posture".

Stay tuned for new blog entries and Etsy postings!
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