Best of the Week Vol. XX

Is back (with roman numerals)!

1. Summer, over at Design is Mine, has assembled a lovely collection of white interiors. Anyone know where I can get an "e" like this?

2. So, I adore the YYY's and am most certainly enjoying the new album, It's Blitz! Maybe a little too much. But Karen O's personal costume designer (and former Iowan, holla!) Christian Joy is currently featured on Urban Outfitter's project blog and her work is as fabulous as it is outlandish.

3. I wouldn't mind sittin' in one of these prickly chairs!

4. Bes Parsons is a brilliant, Aussie fashion photographer— her portfolio is a treat to peruse through!

5. Dear Dear Creatures, your duds ARE amazing. LovErin xx

1 comment

  1. Architectural Salvage downtown usually has a pretty good assortment of large letters saved from old signs. I bought a capital E a couple weeks ago.

    Love the blog, btw. I click over whenever you post a link on Twitter!



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