Craft Saturday [Spring '09 Edition]

Here's a couple photos from yesterday's Craft Saturday at Java Joe's 4th Street Theatre.

I can't say this event was a raging success for me, but I got a few custom orders out of the day and my work cut out for me over the next few weeks!

There is also a deal in the works for some soZealous pieces to be sold at this coming Renegade Craft Fair in New York! Will post more on that as things progress. Exciting, indeed!

Here I am with my fellow booth sellers, Leslie of Urbanestics & Sarah of Good Posture (together under the moniker "Urban Posture").


  1. It was really nice to meet all three of you girls. Your booth looked amazing!! And good luck with the renegade craft deal.The two girls scouting talked to me too, but I got so excited that I spazzed and didn't get any of their info. Please post when they start talking to you because I'm curious to see if they will be following up with me or not.
    and I don't remember the girl who was scouting's name or anything! What a cool oppotunity. I can't see what other amazing things youadies come up with.

  2. i should have sold some of my "Crafts" there. i could sell placentalhats a.k.a. scabs. wonder if i could get donations from a hospital


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