D.I.Y. Starburst Mirror

Target had something similar to this about a year ago, but I missed out on purchasing one. SO you can imagine my excitement when Apartment Therapy featured a tutorial on constructing your own!

The instructions are simple and the price is right at around $25.


Gala Darlings

Pardon my blog slackature. Somewhere between creating//volunteering//working two jobs, I managed to throw together my annual Academy Awards bash!

Congrats to @jessiemade this for winning the ballot contest by correctly guessing 19 of the 24 nominees and thanks to everyone who came out for the event!


D.I.Y. Twine Rings

Sarah Kate Burgess has a gorgeous little line of D.I.Y. rings on her website. Each one has it's own PDF template you can download and create with.


D.I.Y. Ribbon Flowers

This Valentine's Day, give the gift that will never die (much like the love that burns for your significant other). These ribbon flowers are relatively simple and quite simply fantastic!

P.S. Also may be used to occupy last week's D.I.Y. Treasury Easy Pot!


Best of the Week Vol.16

1. Sebastian Brajkovic has an amazing collection of oozed baroque style furniture.
2. Fans of Gem & The Holograms will delight in this reimagination of the ficticious rocker in "Back to the Fuchsia"
3. Most fabulous climbing wall EVER.
4. I'm really into 60's right now, so this collection of vintage fashion photography was sheer eye candy.
5. Wanna know what £30,000 can get you? These.
6. The I Can Read Movies Series is so rad.


D.I.Y. Easy Pots

Got a water bottle? Some PVC paper? Then you're a few short steps from one of these super sleek Easy Pots!


Best of the Week Vol. 15

1. Sarlo rules. It's everything I could ever want for a creative space.
2. A few years ago, I read a book about photographer Man Ray and was introduced to his fellow creative & muse, Lee Miller. She led a very interesting life and is featured in an admirable women post on the Blood Roses blog.
3. Andy Julia's gorgeous online portfolio.
4. The visualicious Sabino Tumblr blog.
5. Chanel's Spring 2009 fashion show. I'll take it. ALL of it.
6. I don't know who "Rita" is, but based on this living room installation, I think we'd be good friends.
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