Concluding Thoughts on the 31 Days...[31/31]

There are no awards distributed for completing this blog challenge. No virtual high-five from The Nester. Just the sheer satisfaction of a personal goal set & met. And I'm ok with that.

I didn't want to commit to the challenge this year without mapping my 31 days of topics in advance, which I did back in September. I also stayed on top of posts about 3 days ahead of schedule. I wouldn't recommend doing it any other way.

I'd like to do something more with the series as a whole, but until then, I plan on cleaning my house and catching up on my other writing jobs. Maybe you'll see a few of these features again on the blog in the future!

Here's a look back on the 31 Days of Thrifting...

[1/31] The 31 Days of Thrifting!
[2/31] Why Thrift?
[3/31] Thriftfix: Nicole
[4/31] My Fave Finds: The Mod Family Canvas
[5/31] Thrifty Print
[6/31] Before You Go Poppin' Tags...
[7/31] Tools of the Trade
[8/31] On Personal Style
[9/31] Thrifting a Capsule Wardrobe
[10/31] Thriftfix: Emily
[11/31] My Fave Finds: The Retro Shell Chair
[12/31] Thrifty Print
[13/31] Thrifting Geographically
[14/31] Too Good to Be True?
[15/31] Fashionably Thrifty DIY's
[16/31] Guest Post: Men's Thrifting Tips
[17/31] Thriftfix: Nicole S.
[18/31] My Fave Finds: The Modern Yellow Desk
[19/31] Thrifty Print
[20/31] Thrifting For & With Kids
[21/31] My Fully-Thrifted Fall Uniform
[22/31] D.I.Y. Thrifted Frame + Washi Tape
[23/31] D.I.Y. Home Decor Roundup
[24/31] Thriftfix: Mandy
[25/31] Fave Finds: The IKEA Round Mirror
[26/31] Thrifty Print
[27/31] Thrifting Vintage
[28/31] D.I.Y. Thrifty Gift Guide">
[29/31] The Minimalist Approach to Thrifting
[30/31] Skipping the Thrift + $20* Credit For You!
[31/31] Concluding Thoughts on the 31 Days

Did I miss anything? Did you learn anything new? Thank you for reading and for posting any encouraging comments! My readers are what make this extra fun for me:)

[Image via Dottie Angel.]

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Skipping the Thrift + $20* Credit for You! [30/31]

Maybe you've been sitting back this whole series thinking, "Ew. Thrift Stores are gross. Or smelly. Or unorganized." And to you, I would agree. Sometimes. I would also think that you don't have the good fortune of living within close proximity to a secondhand store that sorts their clothing by color and size.

Maybe you're intrigued by the thrift store prices more than you are the thought of actually having to step foot into a thrift store. For you I would say, "Welcome to the world of online consignment!"

Though there are scores of these type of sites across the web, I want to focus on one that I have some actual experience. One that I love. One called TWICE. Now, there's something in this for you, so keep reading;)

Twice is an online consignment shop stocked with the best, high-end brands. The clothing is sorted by your search criteria and is in impeccable condition (I speak from experience). As an aesthetic enthusiastic, I also appreciate the sleek, easy-to-navigate site.  

The prices aren't exactly thrift store cheap, but the savings are significant when compared to the original value. Some items go for up to 90% off the retail price, which is so fun to see how much you saved on your purchase invoice. The point is that you get what you want in the size you need, which is a little less off-the-cuff as thrifting. 

You can also sell you items to Twice for cash or shop credit, which I have yet to try but have my bag ready to submit. 

So...this shopping credit I have been dangling out for you? Simply sign up to Twice using my referral link for an automatic $10 shopping credit. Then download the Twice app to your smartphone for an additional $10 credit. It's that easy. That's *$20 right off to put toward something pretty for yourself:)

With my initial sign-up credits, I purchased this gorgeous, color-blocked J.Crew sweater (original retail price: $125). It fit like a glove and looked brand new. I was so pleased with it that I wore it for our family Christmas card photos!

I really hope you take advantage of this super, sweet deal from Twice! Let me know if you buy anything!!

*$20 total credit is for first time Twice users after signing up through my referral link AND downloading the app to your smartphone. Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer: Though I received a referral credit from Twice for sharing my link, this is not a sponsored blog post. The opinions expressed are completely my own.


The Minimalist Approach to Thrifting [29/31]

When thrifting, there's a temptation to purchase everything in your cart because it's cheap and why not? This kind of reasoning has the likelihood to fuel some serious hoarding tendencies. Two dollars here and five dollars there may seem minuscule, but can certainly add up over time.

I recently listened to an episode of The Art of Simple podcast entitled "Freedom from Stuff". In the episode, host Tsh Oxenreider interviewed Joshua Becker, the blogger behind Becoming Minimalist. Becker shared a story about an entire day he spent cleaning out his garage when it was time he could have been spent with his kids. Of course, this hit home for me.

If you need a motivational kick in the pants to get rid of some things or prevent you from even bringing those unnecessary things into your home, do yourself a favor and listen to that podcast episode.

I am also going to refer back to Tsh regarding another potentially life-changing thought: Think of the thrift store as a storage unit with a small, pay-per-use fee.

Consider it. How often do you hold on to an item "just in case" when it is something you could easily find on any given day at a charity shop? The best example of this for me would be serving trays & platters. They take up a lot of cupboard space and I almost always see them (nice ones, actually) at Goodwill.

One small rule I've tried to implement is to get rid of an item in exchange for buying a new one. This especially helps keep my closet in check, which is why I love the idea of capsule wardrobes so much.

Keep a list of the items you are looking out for. This can save you time you would spend scavenging aimlessly and money you would spend on thoughtless purchases.

Truly, these rules don't just apply to thrifting. But life is short. Don't waste your time being a Stuff Manager.

[Image credit: Elisabeth Heier]

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D.I.Y. Thrifty Gift Guide [28/31]

With Christmas just around the corner, I've whipped together this guide to some D.I.Y. projects you can assemble with thrifted goods. Honestly, I see almost every one of these items whenever I go thrifting. Even if you can't bring yourself to gift a secondhand prezzie, these are some great projects to practice on!

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Thrifting Vintage [27/31]

Several years ago, I made a small side-business out of buying & selling vintage home decor items. I bought gilded frames and sconces and revamped them for the 21st century. My "shop" did well at it's height, but ultimately wasn't sustainable. It wasn't too long after that I noticed Hobby Lobby selling similar products. 

I have a love/hate relationship with vintage. The word vintage, anyway. It's buzzy, worn out, and too often slapped on a piece of junk unworthy of the title.

"Vintage denotes something special—that an item has stood the test of time and has proven to remain relevant for any number of reasons—timelessness of style, [quality], historical or cultural significance or interesting provenance.” - Doris Raymond, Vintage Seller

Thrifting vintage, at least quality vintage, can be challenge as you are up against collectors & sellers alike. It's not impossible, but the effort can feel like a true treasure hunt at times. Here are a few thoughts consider in your search:

Know Your Personal Eras - This one saves me from bringing home a lot of potential clutter. There's a temptation to snatch up that kitschy owl cookie jar, but let's be serious. It doesn't go with my aesthetic and I don't have the time to attempt to market it online. I'm more of a mid-century, modern girl anyway.

Check Labels/ Stamps - This one is important for signifying value to an item. American-made items often indicate a pre-1980's creation date, especially in regards to clothing. This guide to identifying vintage clothing labels is like a history lesson in fashion.

Embossed labels beneath breakable wares can be a sign if an item is collectible. Put that smartphone to use and Google those manufacturer names! 

Don't Read Into Sizes - Don't let an ill-fitting vintage dress that is 6 sizes larger than your "regular" size kill your joy. Not only have sizing charts shifted over the years, but there was a completely different set of undergarments in place to be worn with those clothes. Nothing that a set of Spanx and a corset couldn't solve today, surely.

Know What Can Be Fixed - Basically, what imperfections are you ok with? Is it a garment that can be altered or repaired? If resale value isn't important to you, are chips and cracks a deal breaker for decor pieces? 

If you have specific items in mind (i.e. any of the above images), you may have better luck at flea markets or estate sales. Vintage resale shops & antique malls tend to price things a little higher. Etsy & Ebay are some other great places to start. Happy Hunting!

[Images: 1.Frame 2. Thermoses 3. Dress 4. Camera 5. Pyrex 6. Milk glass]

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Thrifty Print [26/31]

Happy Sunday! Can you believe we're in the final stretch of this 31 days series?! This week, we'll talk about vintage, thrifting online, and include some gift ideas with thrifted pieces.

[Image via Good.]
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My Fave Finds: The Round IKEA Mirror

Ok, so maybe this isn't the most unique of finds, but when it is something on your wishlist (not actually expecting to find at a thrift store), then obviously, FAVORITE. I had been wanting a sizable, round mirror for our house for some time now. It wasn't quite as high on the list as a new rug or lighting fixture, but something I'd keep my eye out for if I ever found the perfect one.

I came across this Vanna style IKEA mirror at a local Goodwill for $9.99 (Original price: $39.99). I think it's actually supposed to have some black detailing, but I'm really fine with it as is.

My decorating journey has been full of baby steps. (Does anyone else default to Bill Murray in What About Bob? upon hearing that term?) It doesn't help that hanging anything on our plaster walls requires a drill and a real sense of commitment.

Mounting this baby (today) has spurred me to get cracking (literally) on all the other bare walls in our place. It has also inspired my husband to seriously get started on his men's style blog. You know, now that he has an acceptable mirror to take selfies in. Will update here when that comes into fruition.

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THRIFTFIX: Mandy [24/31]

Since Mandy's stylish hubby was gracing the covers of Juice Magazine this week for his sartorial sense, it only seemed right that Mandy would get her own opportunity for some fashionable fun.

We basically went on this "fix" without an agenda...just to find some cute clothes & have girl time. Which is the best, right? I did consult Mandy's Pinterest board beforehand, which is actually loaded with educational materials. Because she's a teacher. A cool teacher.


Left: Green J.Crew Top. A solid, staple wardrobe piece.

Middle: Grey Gap Top. Another solid, staple wardrobe piece.

Right: White Eddie Bauer Top. Mandy was about to say 'no' to this, but changed her mind as the words were falling out of her mouth. It has kind of a nice, boho vibe going on.


Left: Striped J.Crew shirt. This was one of those tops that looks long enough, but cinches up when you don't want it to.

Middle: Plum J.Crew shirt. We just weren't feeling this one.

Right: Striped Land's End shirt. Not the most flattering top ever.


Left: Tommy Hilfiger sweater. Mandy will be living in this for the next 5 months.

Right: Banana Republic striped tank & orange cardigan from The Limited. We really liked this combo. Also, Mandy kind of looks like a giant hipster. I don't mean that in a bad way, either.

Mandy bought 8 shirts, 4 cardigans, and 1 sweater. Grand total: $42.06!

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D.I.Y. Home Decor Roundup [23/31]

Here's a roundup of my favorite home decor DIY's that you can try with thrifted items! Every one of these things (pre-vamped), I have seen or do see regularly on the thrift circuit. Let me know if you try any!

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D.I.Y. Thrifted Frame + Washi Tape [22/31]

Buying frames can be costly. Especially when it comes to fulfilling our gallery wall fantasies. Fortunately, thrift shops are flowing with perfectly acceptable frames if you can get passed some dusty glass or an awkward print. Filling those frames with art & photos can also add up. I've currently got a stack of empty 8x10's just waiting to be utilized.

Here is one, simple D.I.Y. that I've assembled and now display (and love) in our home. It costs around $5 and takes about 10 minutes to complete. Think you can handle that? Good. It's fairly simple to replicate, but I'll break it down for you anyway.

Supplies: Thrifted frame, 8x10 cardstock quality paper, washi tape, scissors, ruler, & pencil.

The ruler comes in handy to keep your lines straight and proportionate to the paper's edge. The washi tape is super forgiving, so don't beat yourself up if it doesn't look perfect.

The lines will also help you determine how long to snip your washi tape strips. Easy, right?

Here it is on a floating shelf in our dining room. What other kinds of things would you recreate with washi tape and frame? The possibilities are endless!

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My Fully-Thrifted Fall Uniform [21/31]

I don't feel ultra comfortable pretending to be a model, but I did want to share a fully-thrifted, head-to-toe outfit that has become one of my go-to's this season.

My Fall uniform this year consists of a classic button-down, skinny pants (always), denim jacket, & statement necklace. It's the perfect juxtaposition of dressy/casual, in my opinion.

This look was about as intentionally thrifted as you can get. I mentioned in an earlier post to know what you're looking for and I was determined to add some plaid prints & jean jackets to the roster. There's always that element of luck to consider, but you might end up finding exactly what you're looking for!

Pardon the wrinkles. Real life, y'all.

I sort have have a rule against buying Target clothes at thrift stores, basically because of the quality. But these Mossimo skinny jeans are THE BEST. I could live in them.

Also, these boots desperately need to be re-heeled.

J.Crew Jacket: $5
J.Crew Shirt: $4
Necklace: $6
Mossimo Jeans: $6
Boots: $4
Total: $25

Those fashion articles bragging about assembling an entire look for $75/ $100/ $125? Yeah, not impressed.

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Thrifting For & With Kids [20/31]

Kids are hard on clothes. For that reason, it's a pretty easy choice for us to stock our kiddos' closets with gently used clothing. You'd be surprised at the brands you'll come across in the kids clothing section, too. The last time I checked, I found the likes of Baby Gap, Crewcuts, Mini Boden & United Colors of Benetton at our local Goodwill.

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret here, but I'm actually not that picky about buying kids clothes with minor stains on them. If it's a decent brand and not too terrible a blemish, nobody is going to know if it happened that day or not, am I right?

Other than that, many of the same guidelines I've shared throughout this series apply to thrifting for kids. Whether you are searching for vintage items or newer name-brands, keep the neighborhoods in mind when selecting shops to patronize (see Thrifting Geographically).

As much as I love the vintage clothes & toys, I have scaled way back on purchasing them since the reality of kids being hard on things has set in. Unless you are decorating or dressing for a special occasion, those pieces are more likely to collect dust than get used. Obviously, vintage isn't so easy to replace.

Here are a few more items I would not recommend purchasing secondhand for children:

• Cribs/ Carseats / Pack n' Plays - Recalls are being issued so frequently that it is not worth the risk of buying something for less that may be a hazard to your child.

• Mattresses - Including the risk of bed bugs, mattresses have also been subjected to all the bodily fluids one could possibly secrete.

• Stuffed Animals - Like mattresses, these furry friends are a hotbed for germs.

My little champs...I just want to laugh every time I see this pic of Sterling stuffing his face... 

I have also been asked how I make it work to bring my kids along when thrifting. Well, it's as crazy as you would imagine it to be. I wouldn't exactly recommend it either. But if I must, I try to keep them occupied by filling the cart with books or Barbies for Ruby. Also, snacks!! But don't forget the antibacterial hand soap!

My general advice though? Leave them at home with Daddy or Grandma;)

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Thrifty Print [19/21]

Happy Sunday! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful day by doing something you love...maybe thrifting?

This week, I'll talk about thrifting for kids & feature some home decor projects, including a DIY from yours truly! We're more than halfway through this series now and have touched on a lot of topics...is there anything else that you would like to see me feature? I appreciate the feedback!

[Image via Always With Honor.]

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My Fave Finds: The Modern Yellow Desk [18/31]

One of the cardinal rules of thrifting is: Go often. If I have time to kill or am in a certain area, I like to pop into certain thrift stores, even if it is for a few minutes. 

This gem wasn't even off the palette from being rolled out of the back room when I spotted it across the shop. It was like a scene out of a movie. A stunning, yet slightly flawed, hunk of industrial desk-ness just beckoning me to take it home. Erin, for only $12, I can be yours...Deal.

Sure, it has a few dings, but it has gorgeously filled the void in my entry way that I've struggled to employ. The Nester likes to says, "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful", and I've really been trying to adopt that sentiment in regards to decorating my house.

The little stool, that I have been using as a chair, was also a thrift find. Together, they're like a match made in secondhand heaven.

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THRIFTFIX: Nicole S. [17/31]

This is my sweet sis-in-law, Nicole. She wrote a post on her experiences as a stay-at-home-mom for my 31 days series last year, so it only seemed fitting that she would do a Thriftfix for this year's challenge!

The post-baby year can be an awkward time to be fashionable. The old clothes don't fit like they used to and you also don't want to invest in new items not knowing if your family (and waistline) will be expanding again in the near future. Trust me, I know. That is why thrift is the way to go:)

For Nicole's "fix", I took to her Pinterest board for inspiration. Nicole's style is very feminine, so naturally, there were lots of dresses, pretty prints, and frilly things. She also gravitates towards earth tones, mustard yellows, and sea-foam greens. Basically, all the colors she likes to decorate with! 

Despite doing our shopping at a Minneapolis Goodwill I had never been to, this "fix" turned out to be a fairly easy one. I was a little put off by the prices, but that can be expected in larger cities. Nicole still walked away with some great deals!


Left: J.Crew green cardigan. Though Nicole didn't purchase the navy, polka-dot East 5th brand shirt underneath (weird scrunching at the bottom of it), we both agreed this was a fun look!

Middle: Girls from Savoy (Anthropologie) mustard yellow dress. Nicole had actually passed this one while it was on the rack, but I encouraged her to go for it since it was in line with her Pinterest board. And she loved it! She did skip on the white Merona cardigan though, probably because she already had something similar.

Right: J.Crew blouse, Gap cardigan, Gilly Hicks skinny jeans. We weren't sold on the cardigan, but this is the first pair of skinny, skinny jeans she has purchased, and don't they look great on her?!


Left: Old Navy sweater. We were looking for comfy, house tops, but eh. It's just Old Navy.

Middle: Ann Taylor LOFT dress. It's hard to tell from the photo, but this dress was greenish and blueish and had some interesting stitching on it. Nicole was on the fence, but ultimately felt like this would be one to just hang in her closet and not get much wear. Fair enough.

Right: Merona top. See Old Navy sweater comments (above).


Left: Coral, bird print dress from Pink Owl Apparel. This is a total departure from Nicole's look, but I couldn't resist.

Right: Pin-strip & frill Cotton Candy brand dress. Super cute and totally flattering on Nicole.

She didn't end up buying either one of these dresses (as cute as they were on her), but she did leave with 2 dresses, 2 cardigans, 2 tops, a pair of jeans, and a belt. Grand total: $49.64! Nice job, Nicole!!

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Guest Post: Men's Thrifting Tips [16/31]

Today's guest post comes from my ultra stylish & thrifty husband, Wayde. I feel super lucky to have a partner who shares my love of thrifting. It's actually one of our favorite date night activities! Because of his stellar sartorial sense, I thought he would be a good one to contribute to this series!

Who are some of your style inspirations?
It's hard to name names. I have a lot of stylish friends who have unknowingly influenced me in how I dress. There are a small handful of style blogs that I visit on a daily basis, Broke and Bespoke and The Sartorialist being two of my favorites.

Is there anything you to do prepare yourself for a thrifting expedition?
Not really. I generally have a pretty good idea of what I am looking for in the back of my mind. I guess I could say one of my favorite pre-thrift rituals is grabbing tacos with my wife.

What are some of your favorite pieces to hunt for at thrift stores?
Shoes and ties for sure. I almost always hit the ties first. I think there is less competition with ties, so it's not uncommon to find a really cool piece. Now only if I had more excuses to wear a tie! I think shoes can be some of the best value, especially when you find a pair of full grain leather, Goodyear welted Allen Edmonds oxfords for $3, when they sell for $200 plus new.

Do you have any personal guidelines in regards to buying something that is an imperfect fit?
I hate it, but I am almost always making compromises to some degree in the fit. I think fit is one of the most important aspects of men's style, so the trick is to cover up a pieces shortcomings and show off it's strengths. For example, a couple weeks ago I bought a vintage plaid button down that fit perfectly in the body, but the sleeves are an inch or so too short, so I roll them up. I have a couple shirts that are a little billowy in the body, but have great collars or sleeve length, so I wear them under a sweater or sport coat.

What has been your best thrifting find ever?
My pair of J Crew x Red Wing Heritage work boots. I found them at a thrift store in Maryland, and they looked like they had never been worn. That was right about the time I decided I wanted a nice pair of boots, so the timing was perfect.

What kind of advice do you have for guys that want to start thrifting?
Go with a female with good taste in men's style (I have my wife for that). Not only is she great to bounce things off of, but you would be surprised how many men's sweaters are hiding away on the woman's racks. I have probably scored at least 3 or 4 nice sweaters in the past few months that she originally found in the woman's section. Also, when buying button down shirts, pay extra attention to the collar. The collar can make or break a shirt.

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Fashionably Thrifty DIY's [15/31]

Here's a roundup of some of my favorite fashion DIY's you can try with some of your thrifted pieces! Just an FYI (any more acronyms I can use here?), not all of these links have instructions, but they seem easy enough to eyeball:) Happy Making!!

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Too Good to be True? [14/31]

One thing I have learned the hard way is that thrifted items are oftentimes imperfect. I especially try to inspect a piece if it looks newer or is a nicer quality brand. Always ask yourself, "Why would somebody get rid of this garment?"

Some of the things I try to search for in my clothing skims include (but are not limited to): Broken zippers, frays, make-up stains, moth holes, missing buttons, pit stains, & snags.

I also like to check the cleaning instructions on the tags before committing. Many items I come across are 'Dry Clean Only', so you will need to make the call if that is something worth signing up for.

Not all is lost if you do come across something with a flaw, but be realistic about the modifications you can make. Here some mending & cleaning tips that might come in handy!

• Freezing clothes to combat bedbugs - We ALWAYS throw our thrifted clothes in the freezer until we're able to wash them
Removing yellow armpit stains - This really does work! At least it did for me:)
How to fix a hole in a sweater with thread
How to De-Pill Your Clothing - I tend to avoid purchasing clothes that have a tendency to pill, but good to know anyway!
3 ways to wash a dry clean only garment
• How to get the musty smell out of your thrifted treasures

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[Images via 1, 2, 3]


Thrifting Geographically [13/31]

One of the most common questions I get asked about thrifting is, "Where do you thrift?" As luck plays a huge factor in the hunt, it also depends on what you are looking for.

The older I get, the less I gravitate towards "funkier" finds. Though I do succumb to the old, ironic tee every once in awhile. For clothing, I search for brands that are made of nicer materials and a bit higher quality. Consistently, I find those items in suburban areas and (not coincidentally) within close proximity to a mall. You are not as likely to find a cute, vintage cocktail dress in one of those places. It's not impossible, just not as likely.

For friends in search of vintage items, I recommend avoiding shops in dense, urban areas. Not only are you going to find a heavily picked over selection, but oftentimes the price will be marked up because of it's age. Thrift stores in more established neighborhoods have been home to some of my most unique finds. Going on a Monday or Tuesday is also a good because the shops will be freshly stocked with estate & garage sale drop-offs.

I've also had GREAT luck (emphasis on great) hitting secondhand stores in small towns. Driving an hour or two outside of the city limits has almost always paid off for me, plus it makes for a fun day trip. You'll be surprised at kinds of pieces you can find at some of the lowest prices. The ThriftBuddy App has come in super handy for these types of excursions.

Always remember, keep realistic expectations. You never know what you're going to find in any thrift store, but this is the compass from which I do my shopping.

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[Image via StudioKMO.]


Thrifty Print [12/31]

Happy Sunday! #Write31Days thrifting posts will resume tomorrow. This week, we'll look at thrifting geographically, knowing if it's too good to be true, getting a male's thrifting perspective, & more!

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[Image via Pop Pop Portraits.]


My Fave Finds: The Retro Shell Chair [11/31]

This week's favorite find comes to you from the Salvation Army. For ten freakin' dollars. I was lucky enough to be shopping with my friend, Megan, that day. (If you get a chance, be sure to check out her blog–her design skills are ON POINT.)

Anyway, she was the one that originally spotted this chair (and it's twin). Since we were both living in teeny apartments at the time, we divided the set between us.

Reupholstering that seat has been on my to-do list since bringing this Eames-inspired gal home. Obvs is very high on the to-do list, as we have lived in 3 different residences since then, but whatever. I still adore it.

Megan - If you're reading this, Shelly's sister will always have a home with us if she is no longer welcome in yours. 

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THRIFTFIX: Emily [10/31]

This is Emily. Slightly whimsical, slightly steam-punk, all-around awesome. A living, Disney princess. Her actual, legal middle name is SPARKLES. If that doesn't tell you everything, then I don't know what. 

Do yourself a favor and follow her on Twitter (@emilysparkles). You'll get a healthy dose of unicorns, snark, Fraiser anecdotes, and 80's movie live-tweets. Hilarity WILL ensue. 

For Emily's "fix", I put together a combination of clothes I knew she'd be comfortable in (blacks, stripes, etc) with a mix of pretty things (figure flattering, floral prints, etc). I'd like to think that if everything fit like a glove, she would've purchased the whole lot. So, without further ado...


Left: Printed navy button-down from Merona. I kind of have a thing against thrifting Target clothes, but this was just too cute to pass on. Plus, I would've made Emily buy it if she wasn't going to:)

Middle: Black button-down shirt dress from Express. Emily exudes confidence in this outfit, doesn't she?

Right: Black cardigan from Anne Klein. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the detail on this shirt was what made it so unique (and a win for Emily).


Left: Merona button-down + Cabi sweater. We were actually really on the fence with this look. While it did look adorable on Emily, the shirt was a bit snug and the buttons on the sweater were doing a weird, droopy thing. Mr. Sparkles (who had joined us for some thrifting fun) veto'd it immediately.

Middle: Navy colored DKNY top. This one just didn't have any wow to it.

Right: Striped Blair top. There was a weird neck thing going on that we just could not get over.


Left: Neon striped tee from Gap. This color is a bit of a departure for this crimson-haired lady, but it just looked so adorable on her. Plus, it was in stellar condition.

Right: Polka-dot dress from American Eagle. Paired with a cute cardigan & tights, Emily could rock this look well into Fall. Nice socks, girl.

In all, Emily left Goodwill with 6 shirts & 1 dress for a grand total: $24.52! I already know that she rocked that little, black shirt dress at parent-teacher conferences this week. So glad she was pleased with her 'fix'!

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