Skipping the Thrift + $20* Credit for You! [30/31]

Maybe you've been sitting back this whole series thinking, "Ew. Thrift Stores are gross. Or smelly. Or unorganized." And to you, I would agree. Sometimes. I would also think that you don't have the good fortune of living within close proximity to a secondhand store that sorts their clothing by color and size.

Maybe you're intrigued by the thrift store prices more than you are the thought of actually having to step foot into a thrift store. For you I would say, "Welcome to the world of online consignment!"

Though there are scores of these type of sites across the web, I want to focus on one that I have some actual experience. One that I love. One called TWICE. Now, there's something in this for you, so keep reading;)

Twice is an online consignment shop stocked with the best, high-end brands. The clothing is sorted by your search criteria and is in impeccable condition (I speak from experience). As an aesthetic enthusiastic, I also appreciate the sleek, easy-to-navigate site.  

The prices aren't exactly thrift store cheap, but the savings are significant when compared to the original value. Some items go for up to 90% off the retail price, which is so fun to see how much you saved on your purchase invoice. The point is that you get what you want in the size you need, which is a little less off-the-cuff as thrifting. 

You can also sell you items to Twice for cash or shop credit, which I have yet to try but have my bag ready to submit. 

So...this shopping credit I have been dangling out for you? Simply sign up to Twice using my referral link for an automatic $10 shopping credit. Then download the Twice app to your smartphone for an additional $10 credit. It's that easy. That's *$20 right off to put toward something pretty for yourself:)

With my initial sign-up credits, I purchased this gorgeous, color-blocked J.Crew sweater (original retail price: $125). It fit like a glove and looked brand new. I was so pleased with it that I wore it for our family Christmas card photos!

I really hope you take advantage of this super, sweet deal from Twice! Let me know if you buy anything!!

*$20 total credit is for first time Twice users after signing up through my referral link AND downloading the app to your smartphone. Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer: Though I received a referral credit from Twice for sharing my link, this is not a sponsored blog post. The opinions expressed are completely my own.

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