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Blog posts might be fewer and far between for the time being. New job and place to live in the next week, so there is much to be done regarding those things!

I will also be busy with preparations for Craft Saturday where I will be sharing a booth with Urbanestics! Expect to see new merch in the soZealous Etsy shop in April too!

!!! (just thought I'd add a few more exclamation marks) !!!

Life is beautiful right now.


Thought on a Friday // 3.20.2009

Anyone whose read a design blog has certainly stumbled upon this this little phrase. But do you know the story behind it?


D.I.Y. Anthropologie Curator Tables

Britt, of the cumbersome blog, has a great tutorial over at Design Sponge on making these gorgeous Anthropologie-inspired curator tables.

Using elements from Ikea and Home Depot, the home-made version sure beats the pants off the original $698 piece! Can you even tell which one is which?


'G' is for...

Glitz? Glam? Gorgeous?

In honor of St.Patrick's day (and my current boutique hotel fetish), I'm featuring this Irish gem, The g Hotel.

Evoking old Hollywood charm, there is little about the inn that fits into mold of traditional Eire. The hotel was actually born from the creative mind of a hat designer!

I create hats people love to wear. With the g, I have created a place where people will love to be. —Phillip Treacy

Which, by the looks, could easily speak for me.


Best of the Week Vol.19

1. The Sevva Hotel in Hong Kong is truly fabulous! Ms.B's Sweets looks like a dream. Be sure to check out the view from the terrace if you visit the website. Simply breathtaking.

2. Nubby Twiglet has consistently been one of my favorite bloggers for months now. Highlighting topics in design, fashion, and social media, her recent commentary on Cost Per Wear had me rethinking my wardrobe budget.

3. The Tokyo Lash Bar might be SO last year, but I was thrilled about recently discovering it. Actually, my hubby read about it in an old issue of Wired Magazine and passed it along to me. I wonder how hard these would be to make??

4. As fabulous as it is unique, the Chanel Perspex Briefcase only proves that Karl Lagerfeld is still at the top of his game. I totally want one. Also, if you haven't seen the trailer for the upcoming Coco Chanel biopic (starring Audrey Tatou of Amelie fame), you can view it here!

5. What were you doing when you were sixteen? Aspiring to be a top fashion photographer? Nirrimi Joy Hakanson is well on her way and has the pics to prove it!

6. Cape Town's glitzy Grandy Daddy Hotel has a rooftop Airstream trailer park with rooms starting at 945 rands ($90!). Personally, I couldn't wake up in a room like this and not have a great day.


By Their Covers

They say you can't judge a book by it's cover. Of course, that goes for movies, music, etc. But I DID make an record purchase today based on it's cover— the new Asobi Sesku album, Hush. Previously, I hadn't really heard anything about it.

The dress...that chair...those bangs! Le sigh. The music is equally enjoyable too.

Have you made a recent album/movie/book purchase solely based on the cover?

Thought on a Friday // 3.13.2009


Market Publique

Market Publique is the newly launched (as of March 8th) and ONLY online marketplace for vintage fashion.

The SHOP operates much like eBay. Sellers may upload their items for a small fee at auction or month long spots. Not anyone can just sell right away though. Clothing, as well as photography, must align with the website's sleek image and quality.

I had always hoped something like this would come into internet fruition and am looking forward to it's evolution!

D.I.Y. Pin Curls & Finger Waves

Flickr Pixie Johanni has an immaculate vintage presence and a dazzling photostream to showcase it.

Her look has sparked my interest in retro hairstyles, particularly the pin curl which was a staple in fashion during the 1940's.

Hair Boutique has some informative tips to perfecting the pin curl.

If you want to venture a little further back in time, the roaring 20's finger wave is another one to tackle!


Little Bit

Currently hearting the video for "Little Bit" by Lykke Li. Who wouldn't want to jam out to some dreamy, Swedish indie-pop in this low saturated setting?


Best of the Week Vol.18

1. Introducing the world's most luxurious vending machine! Guests of Miami's Mondrian South Beach have a variety of opulent items to choose from maribou feather vests to Rolls Royce Silver Shadow rentals.
2. Suzy Hoodless not only has an amazing design portfolio, but a chic little line of products to match.
3. This illustration of entwined baroque style chair is visual poetry. The piece, entitled "DUOBERGÈRE", is featured on Yatzer's Love Design exhibition.
4. Chloe Sevigny's eccentric style is star in this sneak peak of her debut fashion collection for Opening Ceremony.
5. Agency Hopping—your one stop, creative shop.
6. Barbie's semicentennial anniversary has inspired designer Jonathan Adler to create a real life living space for the classic, plastic icon.


Stella McCartney for Red Nose Day

When I found out that Stella McCartney was designing a line of tee shirts for charity, I was stoked. Anyone who knows me, knows I love Stella.

But my stokedness was quashed upon learning it was a benefit for Red Nose Day, an event we don't celebrate in the U.S.

There is a happy ending to this story however...

Thanks to power of Twitter (and the generosity of a dear friend in London), you'll be seeing the above limited Madonna edition on YOURS TRULY. And if I'm lucky, I'll get it before March 13th—just in time for Red Nose Day!

Siobhan, you're the best xx

Merry Marimekko

The new Marimekko Spring 2009 Catalog is now available online! The new line of fabrics is as inspiring as the photography. At least, I'm inspired by this bean bag installation.


Best of the Week Vol.17

1. Stunning couture wallpaper from Bond Harrington.
2. If you have ever wondered what a Hello Kitty/MAC Cosmetics fusion would look like, here it is. The Alice in Wonderland inspired trailer is visualicious!
3. These girly tools are hot.
4. Gorgeous threads (and photos) from Oscar Winner Penelope Cruz and sister Monica for Mango.
5. Kyle Ng jewelry featured on Art Monster.
6. The mod offices of Chandelier Creative. Somebody hire me.
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