Best of the Week Vol.19

1. The Sevva Hotel in Hong Kong is truly fabulous! Ms.B's Sweets looks like a dream. Be sure to check out the view from the terrace if you visit the website. Simply breathtaking.

2. Nubby Twiglet has consistently been one of my favorite bloggers for months now. Highlighting topics in design, fashion, and social media, her recent commentary on Cost Per Wear had me rethinking my wardrobe budget.

3. The Tokyo Lash Bar might be SO last year, but I was thrilled about recently discovering it. Actually, my hubby read about it in an old issue of Wired Magazine and passed it along to me. I wonder how hard these would be to make??

4. As fabulous as it is unique, the Chanel Perspex Briefcase only proves that Karl Lagerfeld is still at the top of his game. I totally want one. Also, if you haven't seen the trailer for the upcoming Coco Chanel biopic (starring Audrey Tatou of Amelie fame), you can view it here!

5. What were you doing when you were sixteen? Aspiring to be a top fashion photographer? Nirrimi Joy Hakanson is well on her way and has the pics to prove it!

6. Cape Town's glitzy Grandy Daddy Hotel has a rooftop Airstream trailer park with rooms starting at 945 rands ($90!). Personally, I couldn't wake up in a room like this and not have a great day.


  1. Cost Per Wear is a great post!

  2. Really enjoyed reading this weeks 'best of', Erin! Great links, especially Nubby and Nirrimi and of course, the trailer for Coco Avant Chanel - excellent!

  3. Wow I loved Nubby Twiglet's photography, especially for being so young!Thanks for sharing this! Ahh and I also can't wait for the Chanel Movie!!


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