My Fave Finds: The Retro Shell Chair [11/31]

This week's favorite find comes to you from the Salvation Army. For ten freakin' dollars. I was lucky enough to be shopping with my friend, Megan, that day. (If you get a chance, be sure to check out her blog–her design skills are ON POINT.)

Anyway, she was the one that originally spotted this chair (and it's twin). Since we were both living in teeny apartments at the time, we divided the set between us.

Reupholstering that seat has been on my to-do list since bringing this Eames-inspired gal home. Obvs is very high on the to-do list, as we have lived in 3 different residences since then, but whatever. I still adore it.

Megan - If you're reading this, Shelly's sister will always have a home with us if she is no longer welcome in yours. 

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  1. Ha! I've been thinking the same thing! But maybe these chairs are like our version of friend necklaces :) You get one, I get one, and we think of each other fondly every time we walk by them.


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