THRIFTFIX: Emily [10/31]

This is Emily. Slightly whimsical, slightly steam-punk, all-around awesome. A living, Disney princess. Her actual, legal middle name is SPARKLES. If that doesn't tell you everything, then I don't know what. 

Do yourself a favor and follow her on Twitter (@emilysparkles). You'll get a healthy dose of unicorns, snark, Fraiser anecdotes, and 80's movie live-tweets. Hilarity WILL ensue. 

For Emily's "fix", I put together a combination of clothes I knew she'd be comfortable in (blacks, stripes, etc) with a mix of pretty things (figure flattering, floral prints, etc). I'd like to think that if everything fit like a glove, she would've purchased the whole lot. So, without further ado...


Left: Printed navy button-down from Merona. I kind of have a thing against thrifting Target clothes, but this was just too cute to pass on. Plus, I would've made Emily buy it if she wasn't going to:)

Middle: Black button-down shirt dress from Express. Emily exudes confidence in this outfit, doesn't she?

Right: Black cardigan from Anne Klein. It's hard to tell from the photo, but the detail on this shirt was what made it so unique (and a win for Emily).


Left: Merona button-down + Cabi sweater. We were actually really on the fence with this look. While it did look adorable on Emily, the shirt was a bit snug and the buttons on the sweater were doing a weird, droopy thing. Mr. Sparkles (who had joined us for some thrifting fun) veto'd it immediately.

Middle: Navy colored DKNY top. This one just didn't have any wow to it.

Right: Striped Blair top. There was a weird neck thing going on that we just could not get over.


Left: Neon striped tee from Gap. This color is a bit of a departure for this crimson-haired lady, but it just looked so adorable on her. Plus, it was in stellar condition.

Right: Polka-dot dress from American Eagle. Paired with a cute cardigan & tights, Emily could rock this look well into Fall. Nice socks, girl.

In all, Emily left Goodwill with 6 shirts & 1 dress for a grand total: $24.52! I already know that she rocked that little, black shirt dress at parent-teacher conferences this week. So glad she was pleased with her 'fix'!

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  1. Love that pink striped shirt on Emily!

  2. Emily is adorable no matter what she's wearing, but you did a marvelous job with the clothes!

  3. Wow, i never find stuff that cute at Goodwill! You really are a pro. That polka dot dress is adorable!


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