My Fully-Thrifted Fall Uniform [21/31]

I don't feel ultra comfortable pretending to be a model, but I did want to share a fully-thrifted, head-to-toe outfit that has become one of my go-to's this season.

My Fall uniform this year consists of a classic button-down, skinny pants (always), denim jacket, & statement necklace. It's the perfect juxtaposition of dressy/casual, in my opinion.

This look was about as intentionally thrifted as you can get. I mentioned in an earlier post to know what you're looking for and I was determined to add some plaid prints & jean jackets to the roster. There's always that element of luck to consider, but you might end up finding exactly what you're looking for!

Pardon the wrinkles. Real life, y'all.

I sort have have a rule against buying Target clothes at thrift stores, basically because of the quality. But these Mossimo skinny jeans are THE BEST. I could live in them.

Also, these boots desperately need to be re-heeled.

J.Crew Jacket: $5
J.Crew Shirt: $4
Necklace: $6
Mossimo Jeans: $6
Boots: $4
Total: $25

Those fashion articles bragging about assembling an entire look for $75/ $100/ $125? Yeah, not impressed.

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  1. After I saw you at the shower in your plaid and statement necklace, I put that look on my wishlist :)

  2. This is such a great outfit!!! I am looking forward to my next thrifting trip (hopefully sans children) so I can try to get an outift, too!


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