My Fave Finds: The Round IKEA Mirror

Ok, so maybe this isn't the most unique of finds, but when it is something on your wishlist (not actually expecting to find at a thrift store), then obviously, FAVORITE. I had been wanting a sizable, round mirror for our house for some time now. It wasn't quite as high on the list as a new rug or lighting fixture, but something I'd keep my eye out for if I ever found the perfect one.

I came across this Vanna style IKEA mirror at a local Goodwill for $9.99 (Original price: $39.99). I think it's actually supposed to have some black detailing, but I'm really fine with it as is.

My decorating journey has been full of baby steps. (Does anyone else default to Bill Murray in What About Bob? upon hearing that term?) It doesn't help that hanging anything on our plaster walls requires a drill and a real sense of commitment.

Mounting this baby (today) has spurred me to get cracking (literally) on all the other bare walls in our place. It has also inspired my husband to seriously get started on his men's style blog. You know, now that he has an acceptable mirror to take selfies in. Will update here when that comes into fruition.

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