THRIFTFIX: Mandy [24/31]

Since Mandy's stylish hubby was gracing the covers of Juice Magazine this week for his sartorial sense, it only seemed right that Mandy would get her own opportunity for some fashionable fun.

We basically went on this "fix" without an agenda...just to find some cute clothes & have girl time. Which is the best, right? I did consult Mandy's Pinterest board beforehand, which is actually loaded with educational materials. Because she's a teacher. A cool teacher.


Left: Green J.Crew Top. A solid, staple wardrobe piece.

Middle: Grey Gap Top. Another solid, staple wardrobe piece.

Right: White Eddie Bauer Top. Mandy was about to say 'no' to this, but changed her mind as the words were falling out of her mouth. It has kind of a nice, boho vibe going on.


Left: Striped J.Crew shirt. This was one of those tops that looks long enough, but cinches up when you don't want it to.

Middle: Plum J.Crew shirt. We just weren't feeling this one.

Right: Striped Land's End shirt. Not the most flattering top ever.


Left: Tommy Hilfiger sweater. Mandy will be living in this for the next 5 months.

Right: Banana Republic striped tank & orange cardigan from The Limited. We really liked this combo. Also, Mandy kind of looks like a giant hipster. I don't mean that in a bad way, either.

Mandy bought 8 shirts, 4 cardigans, and 1 sweater. Grand total: $42.06!

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