Too Good to be True? [14/31]

One thing I have learned the hard way is that thrifted items are oftentimes imperfect. I especially try to inspect a piece if it looks newer or is a nicer quality brand. Always ask yourself, "Why would somebody get rid of this garment?"

Some of the things I try to search for in my clothing skims include (but are not limited to): Broken zippers, frays, make-up stains, moth holes, missing buttons, pit stains, & snags.

I also like to check the cleaning instructions on the tags before committing. Many items I come across are 'Dry Clean Only', so you will need to make the call if that is something worth signing up for.

Not all is lost if you do come across something with a flaw, but be realistic about the modifications you can make. Here some mending & cleaning tips that might come in handy!

• Freezing clothes to combat bedbugs - We ALWAYS throw our thrifted clothes in the freezer until we're able to wash them
Removing yellow armpit stains - This really does work! At least it did for me:)
How to fix a hole in a sweater with thread
How to De-Pill Your Clothing - I tend to avoid purchasing clothes that have a tendency to pill, but good to know anyway!
3 ways to wash a dry clean only garment
• How to get the musty smell out of your thrifted treasures

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