THRIFTFIX: Nicole S. [17/31]

This is my sweet sis-in-law, Nicole. She wrote a post on her experiences as a stay-at-home-mom for my 31 days series last year, so it only seemed fitting that she would do a Thriftfix for this year's challenge!

The post-baby year can be an awkward time to be fashionable. The old clothes don't fit like they used to and you also don't want to invest in new items not knowing if your family (and waistline) will be expanding again in the near future. Trust me, I know. That is why thrift is the way to go:)

For Nicole's "fix", I took to her Pinterest board for inspiration. Nicole's style is very feminine, so naturally, there were lots of dresses, pretty prints, and frilly things. She also gravitates towards earth tones, mustard yellows, and sea-foam greens. Basically, all the colors she likes to decorate with! 

Despite doing our shopping at a Minneapolis Goodwill I had never been to, this "fix" turned out to be a fairly easy one. I was a little put off by the prices, but that can be expected in larger cities. Nicole still walked away with some great deals!


Left: J.Crew green cardigan. Though Nicole didn't purchase the navy, polka-dot East 5th brand shirt underneath (weird scrunching at the bottom of it), we both agreed this was a fun look!

Middle: Girls from Savoy (Anthropologie) mustard yellow dress. Nicole had actually passed this one while it was on the rack, but I encouraged her to go for it since it was in line with her Pinterest board. And she loved it! She did skip on the white Merona cardigan though, probably because she already had something similar.

Right: J.Crew blouse, Gap cardigan, Gilly Hicks skinny jeans. We weren't sold on the cardigan, but this is the first pair of skinny, skinny jeans she has purchased, and don't they look great on her?!


Left: Old Navy sweater. We were looking for comfy, house tops, but eh. It's just Old Navy.

Middle: Ann Taylor LOFT dress. It's hard to tell from the photo, but this dress was greenish and blueish and had some interesting stitching on it. Nicole was on the fence, but ultimately felt like this would be one to just hang in her closet and not get much wear. Fair enough.

Right: Merona top. See Old Navy sweater comments (above).


Left: Coral, bird print dress from Pink Owl Apparel. This is a total departure from Nicole's look, but I couldn't resist.

Right: Pin-strip & frill Cotton Candy brand dress. Super cute and totally flattering on Nicole.

She didn't end up buying either one of these dresses (as cute as they were on her), but she did leave with 2 dresses, 2 cardigans, 2 tops, a pair of jeans, and a belt. Grand total: $49.64! Nice job, Nicole!!

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