Guest Post: Men's Thrifting Tips [16/31]

Today's guest post comes from my ultra stylish & thrifty husband, Wayde. I feel super lucky to have a partner who shares my love of thrifting. It's actually one of our favorite date night activities! Because of his stellar sartorial sense, I thought he would be a good one to contribute to this series!

Who are some of your style inspirations?
It's hard to name names. I have a lot of stylish friends who have unknowingly influenced me in how I dress. There are a small handful of style blogs that I visit on a daily basis, Broke and Bespoke and The Sartorialist being two of my favorites.

Is there anything you to do prepare yourself for a thrifting expedition?
Not really. I generally have a pretty good idea of what I am looking for in the back of my mind. I guess I could say one of my favorite pre-thrift rituals is grabbing tacos with my wife.

What are some of your favorite pieces to hunt for at thrift stores?
Shoes and ties for sure. I almost always hit the ties first. I think there is less competition with ties, so it's not uncommon to find a really cool piece. Now only if I had more excuses to wear a tie! I think shoes can be some of the best value, especially when you find a pair of full grain leather, Goodyear welted Allen Edmonds oxfords for $3, when they sell for $200 plus new.

Do you have any personal guidelines in regards to buying something that is an imperfect fit?
I hate it, but I am almost always making compromises to some degree in the fit. I think fit is one of the most important aspects of men's style, so the trick is to cover up a pieces shortcomings and show off it's strengths. For example, a couple weeks ago I bought a vintage plaid button down that fit perfectly in the body, but the sleeves are an inch or so too short, so I roll them up. I have a couple shirts that are a little billowy in the body, but have great collars or sleeve length, so I wear them under a sweater or sport coat.

What has been your best thrifting find ever?
My pair of J Crew x Red Wing Heritage work boots. I found them at a thrift store in Maryland, and they looked like they had never been worn. That was right about the time I decided I wanted a nice pair of boots, so the timing was perfect.

What kind of advice do you have for guys that want to start thrifting?
Go with a female with good taste in men's style (I have my wife for that). Not only is she great to bounce things off of, but you would be surprised how many men's sweaters are hiding away on the woman's racks. I have probably scored at least 3 or 4 nice sweaters in the past few months that she originally found in the woman's section. Also, when buying button down shirts, pay extra attention to the collar. The collar can make or break a shirt.

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