24 Weeks

I wish I was doing something cooler than taking bathroom photos to document my "maternity series", but whatever.

I have more energy now than I did in my first trimester, but the little things are starting to feel harder to do. Like putting on socks. Maybe if Spring actually started to act like it was supposed to, I wouldn't have to worry about that. It's been a long winter in Iowa, my friends. Makes me feel like the end of Summer is very far away, when it really isn't.

Also, I got my first mid-night Charley Horse this week. The kind that jar you awake and you have to stamp them out on the floor to make them go away. At least we don't have a neighbor below us this time to be alerted of my discomfort. SO. NOT. FUN.

I'm trying to embrace as much sleep as possible, being all too familiar with those days & nights where I was tired beyond all reason with a newborn. Yep, still fresh in my mind...yet SO totally worth it, if you asked me:) xx

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