27 Weeks

So, I finally got around to scheduling a chiropractic appointment. And magically, my back began hurting less. I'm still looking forward to going though. The discomfort comes and goes, but I'm hoping it will better prepare my body for the labor/ delivery portion of this experience.

I feel like I should be doing more to train for this, but I mainly just sleep whenever I can. Since I actually know what I'm getting into this time...

The whole body-being-ravaged by pregnancy can naturally bring a girl down, so it helps to put a little more effort into my appearance. I don't paint my nails often, but this hot coral color is rocking my world. It's the little things...

I hit a mini-milestone this week too by completing the whole first page of my Discipleship Journal Bible Reading Plan. Have I ever followed through with a New Year's resolution this far into the year? My mind is blanking. I've attempted this feat in the past with poor results, but this plan is actually the most practical I've ever come across.

For example, there are only 25 days to each month so if you miss one or two, you don't get crazy behind. It's all about grace, people. Thanks to my homegirl (in my mind), Jami Nato, for referring this plan.

In other news, this weekend marks Wayde & my 5 year wedding anniversary! Unreal. So looking forward to getting out of town, staying at a swanky hotel, and indulging in lots good food for a couple days. To be continued...xx

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