Weekend Sweetness

This past weekend had its share of particularly sweet moments, which included:

Ice cream. We may or may not have gone to Snookie's in Beaverdale more than once for chocolate-dipped twist cones.

Giggles. If you are familiar with Snookie's, then you are aware of it's eclectic collection of books throughout the dining area. Ruby's selection had us cracking up...I Am Becoming the Woman I've Wanted. No light reading for this little lady.

Snuggles. There's a 50/50 chance that Ruby will end up in our bed before the end of the night on most nights. The nice thing about it is that she's super cuddly when she does. I awoke Sunday morning to her little arm up around my face. These are the moments that make being a parent so totally worth it.

Adorableness. I think Ruby has inherited her parents' love of picture taking.

Cuteness overload. Enough said. Hope your weekend was equally sweet...xx

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