Another weekend in the life...

This was one of those weekends where everything I planned seemed to fall through, but what happened in place of it was possibly more enjoyable.

Our craft party was under attended, so the few of us that were there went to see Exit Thru The Gift Shop (a Banksy joint) at Fleur Cinema. LOVED IT. I laughed, I cried (or not), my love for art & filmmaking was reignited.

Saturday night was the DEVO concert!! We didn't actually buy tickets, but the spot we secured on the side of the stage got us a full view of the action. Such a gorgeous view of Des Moines behind the flooded Simon Estes ampitheatre...

A little mid-century magazine rack from my thrifting excursion.

Retro sewing table I scored for $5.

And finally, I peek at my Market Day Iowa booth I've been busy filling & merchandising. IT'S ALMOST HERE!!

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