Recent Things / Projects

New [old] glasses: I'm seriously contemplating putting lenses in these. They're a little scratched up along the rims, but not enough for me to care. SO RETRO.

Frame sets in new colors: I realize some of the bright paints I use are a little polarizing, so I'm working on broadening my stock. Also working on some groupings to include a corkboard, a chalkboard, & a picture frame.

Chalkboards: More to be added to the shop.

Shoebags: I've been making these little "dusters" out of vintage linens and I'd like to include a few at my Market Day booth if I make enough in time! So, what do you think? Your feedback is appreciated.

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  1. I really love the idea of grouping the corkboard, chalkboard and frame together. It's a fabulous idea and an instant decorating success for any of your customers.


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