Love for the Little Composition Book

Let me count thy ways...

1). Stylish—Black + White = Always fashionable
2). Accessible—Effortlessly fits into pockets, purses, etc.
3). CHEAP! Like, $.86 cheap!

The little composition book has certainly got my organizational life back on track! Great ideas are too fleeting, so they're great to have for jotting notes or drawings when the inspiration is there.

Mine is already accumulating many thoughts in regard to the future of soZealous (shop & blog). I've learned a lot over the past four months facilitating this and I'm ready for some more consistent, focused postings.

I also came across a wonderful site called BACE today. It's a fabulous resource geared toward aspiring designers who have very little business experience. Informative AND aesthetically pleasing! This next season is going to be great...

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