In wonder, I wonder what happens next...?

“Everyone has a talent, what is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the dark place where it leads.”— Erica Jong

Apologies for the lack of activity, Zealots! A series of events, both unfortunate and inspiring, have prompted me to resign my job in newspaper advertising. Though I'm not entirely sure of what this decision will lead to, I KNOW that it was time to move on and start pursing the things that make me feel alive.

The work of Frank Chimero

Hopefully this will include some more time to devote to the soZealous brand! I've been pretty wrapped up with a custom order for Kara Mann Design (which I am very excited & please with), so once that's completed there should be some new items in the shop.

Thanks be to God and my lovely family & friends for their support in this decision.

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