Shop News — June '08 Edition

I've officially been selling items on Etsy now for just under 2 months and I'm quite happy with the progress my little shop has been making!

The wall sconces have been the most popular items, selling shortly after being posted. MORE TO COME!! (Including a purple colored mirror sconce similar to the first one I sold).

Mini-ruffle framed bulletin boards have been a hit too! If only I could keep up with the demand (as it's been a challenge to find the lovely vintage ones that stay true to the revamped salvage decor theme).

Commercial and jewelry sales have been a bit disappointing, though it's flattering that the pieces that are selling are the ones I actually put work into. So once those are gone, they're GONE. I've decided to stick with the original format with frames, sconces, candle holders, etc. I'm always up for surprises though...

Thank you to those who have fueled my little dream by making purchases or offering your support. I wouldn't be as zealous if it weren't for YOU.

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