Best of the Week Vol. 7*

1.) Karl Lagerfield sports the Chanel Gun Shoe.
2.) Make a unique statement by creating your own letter photo art.
3.) grungegypsy has a gorgeous photo collage blog. Take a moment to peruse through her lovely postings!
4.) Iris Ceramica offers these beautiful ceramic wall tiles for interiors. Featured photo is from the Neobarocco line.
5.) Flickr user SugarBloom Cupcakes makes some mean, fashionable sweets!
6.) Cool Hunting has highlighted the Bible Illuminated,the world's most widely-read book in, what possibly may be, its most aesthetically pleasing format to date.

*Week of 10.20.08 - 10.26.08

1 comment

  1. its breathtakingly beautiful!!! i'm lost for words.. i love the site so much im going to add it to my blogroll


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