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Now, I'm not ultimately saavy in the world of Social Media, but I get an A in my interest of it. Particularly in the networking site that is Twitter. It's been been the best way of meeting people with shared interests locally and I've had an astonishing amount of offers from "Tweeps" willing to offload things to me from wicker chair sets to chocolate fondue fountains.

At times you might have to weed through the mediocre hunger complaints and political jabs (which readers will not be subjected to in the soZealous Twitter feed). But depending on you "follow", you can be the first to know about events, news, contests, and more! It's really what you put into it. Here are some Twitterers that I recommend:

@designmilk - "Dedicated to art & design."
@VeerUpdate - "Elements for Creativity™"
@NOTCOT - "For your Ideas + Aesthetics + Amusement."
@Skellie - "For current and future movers and shakers of the web: people who understand that content is King, Queen and the entire royal family."
@storque - "The media branch of Etsy.com"
@designrelated - "Where design meets inspiration."
@nubbytwiglet - "Art-Official Intelligence." And my favorite blogger at the moment.
@SmartyPig - "The coolest social media online savings site." Remember how I said "Twitter Payz (with a 'z')? Each month SmartyPig has a Twitter contest that you can easily win 1 of 3 $100 giftcards to open SmartyPig accounts. Guess who one of the big winners was yesterday?!

For me, Twitter has been a great way to advertise shop updates, blog posts, and general musings on life. I might have got on the band wagon a little late, but I'm riding it now! And if you're not already on, I encourage you to sign up and start following your favorite bloggers, businesses, and creatives to stay connected!

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