1st D.I.Y. Night @ Mars Cafe

Despite blizzard-like conditions, the first ever DIY night at Mars was a nice little success! Leslie of Urbanestics organized some fun projects to get our creative juices flowing.

In addition to making wall pockets from album covers, there was an activity where we extracted interesting words from old books and jumbled them up to create unique phrases. We also assembled collages to tie in with our impromptu poetry.

This was my final project:

My favorite and innocent, extraordinary diamond lingered with virulent friz and it was astonishing.

The next DIY Night will be on Tuesday, January 27th. Same bat time. Same bat channel.


  1. By golly, I'm gonna make it to one of these!

  2. It was so great to see everyone's creative juices flowing!

  3. wish i coulda been there :(


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