In celebration of Etsy's birthday, Leslie Poyzer (of Urban Posture notoriety) and I am throwing one of the many worldwide craft parties that will be going on Friday, June 18th.

Feel free to bring a snack/beverage, craft project, or any supplies you are willing to share. We will also have plenty of scraps, sticky things, sewing notions, and more. So please, don't feel intimidated to come if you don't have anything crafty to work on--We will find something to keep your hands busy!!

Peruse some past D.I.Y. projects I've linked if you're in need of inspiration. Contact me if you are in the Des Moines area & would like to attend!

Oh, and one more thing...

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  1. Leslie Hall is hilarious! Thank you so much for sharing this video--I hadn't seen this one. I needed a good laugh on this stormy day in Michigan. Thanks!


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