D.I.Y. Mid-Century Modern

How can I possibly sum this up in one blog post? I can't. But I am able point you in the direction of a couple sites/ tips devoted to my favorite decorating scheme of all time.

Achieving this classic look will always be a work in progress (and possibly a theme in future blog posts), but here goes...

Make It! Mid-Century Modern is the first issue in a series of downloadable D.I.Y. manuals by Curbly.

Featuring projects inspired by the likes of Eames, Mondrian, & Girard, the $9.99 price tag doesn't seem like much for 76 pages of instructions.

Go the even cheaper route by following Retro Renovation, where mid-century maven, Pam Kueber, gives tips that range from how to get smells out of a vintage sofa, to estate sale advice, to directing you where to buy original pieces or the best reproductions.

Hope you find those helpful!!

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