Weekend Project // Thrifty Finds

Some of you are aware of my one & only resolution for 2010, and that was to make a dress from a vintage pattern. Well, this is the pattern and a little peek at what I've been working on. Elementary, I know, but I didn't even have a sewing machine when I made this goal! Definitely feeling a sense of accomplishment...

Saturday, my dear friend Lucy & I took a field trip to Indianola for some thrifting. Not the most successful day of second hand scavenging, but I did manage to pick up this gorgeous hat for a mere $5.00.

I couldn't go home without a sweet score though, so we finished the day off at my reliable gold mine, a local flea market (that shall remain nameless). Was STOKED to find this textbook, Individuality In Clothing Selection and Personal Appearance, to add to the personal vintage library.

The Christian Dior looks throughout the book are TIMELESS--I'd rock any one of them today!!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend :)

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