Market Day & A Mad Men Party

Market Day Iowa = SUCCESS! If you've ever thought about vending at one of these, I would DEFINITELY recommend it. The organizers do a fabulous job of promoting the event and there's a lot of traffic coming through from the downtown farmer's market.

I included a few retro decorating & sewing books in my booth, which I'll be adding to my Etsy shop based on the positive reception from customers.

The soZealous pop-up shop.

Of course I didn't sell everything, so you can expect an Etsy shop update this week!!

Here's a few scenes from a Mad Men inspired birthday party for Hillary & Adam...

Dapper Mad Mens.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend xx

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  1. Had NO idea you had a blog (til the Market Day blog told me so). I loved your pop-up shop - that was awesome + the photos from your mad Men party were the most! Great styling, guys! Have fun at this weekend's event. Wish I could come, but well, you know...We send everyone we can your way, so it's like they're shopping for me.
    (uh, ps, my captcha word is hoettes)


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