Iowa State Fair/ Thrifting Highlights

Wayde & I made our annual pilgrimage to the Iowa State Fair this past weekend. The weather was GORGEOUS and everyone was out to take advantage of it.

I tried to photo document all the nasty food that I indulged in, but I won't bore you with that slideshow. This foot-long corndog was rather tasty though!

My little sister [in-law] tap danced in the talent competition and made it on to the semi-finals! WAY TO GO, PAYTIN!

Horse barn.

Egg on a stick.

I decided to change up my regular thrifting route this weekend and hit some small town second-hand shops. Seriously need to do this more often...

Dress, $2.00.

1947 Singer Dressmaking Guide.

Gloves for every occasion.

Hope you had a lovely weekend xx

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