A wishlist of sorts...

I can't believe my birthday is in a little over two weeks already! For tradition's sake, here's my list of things that I don't exactly need, but wouldn't refuse as gifts. In no particular order...

A dress form. If there is anything left to own that would legitimize myself as a fashion designer/ seamstress/ sewing enthusiast, it's one of these. I pretty much have everything else.

High Violet by The National on vinyl. Currently loving this album.

Stella McCartney anything. More reasonably, Stella by Stella McCartney perfume. It's my favorite. And I'm all out.

And last, but not certainly least, an iPod Touch WITH camera phone. I've been wanting one of these even before they were in existence.

I'm always willing to accept old cameras, fashion & design books, Criterion Collection films, and pretty much anything vintage!

And because I know it's greater to give than to receive, please do not forget about all the lovely giveaways I'll be featuring throughout the month of October.

The Heads Twogether sweater clip contest is open until Friday, 8th October. You can't win if you don't enter!

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