City Bakery

There's a new brunch spot in town...nestled away in Des Moines' East Village is the new City Bakery. The only advertising I was aware of was through friends' Instagram photos (which is a solid enough recommendation in most cases).

Little did I know that the brains (& bakers) behind our beloved La Mie were also the folks behind this quaint little establishment. And it's no surprise, really.

While the menu items are similar upon first glance, there are a few new additions that you won't find at their sister bakery. Like pizza & french press coffee(!!), for example. Even some of the old favorites have been revamped with new ingredients.

It's nice to know that the next time we feel like having brunch at La Mie and don't feel like like battling the crowds that we have another place to go. At least until the rest of Des Moines finds out about this place xx


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