Des Moines Arts Festival

Our little family made it down to the Des Moines Art Festival after church on Sunday. Though I prefer hitting the festival later in the day, we still had a nice time checking out all the vendors and eating lunch with friends. I only got a little bit of sun.

I've been wanting to check out Host since it opened, but I haven't been able to since their hours are during the week for lunch only. Thankfully, they had special hours for the Art Fest. My curried chicken sandwich was SO GOOD.

Creature art by Chris Vance.

Contemporary art with a Southern twist by Dolan Geiman. I saw this guy at Renegade Chicago back in 2010 and love his work. So inspired that he runs the whole business with his wife (she spoke at the Etsy workshop I attended at same Renegade).

Scissors Drawings by Ella Richards might have been my favorite booth. I would've taken any one of her pieces.

Contemporay figurative oils inspired by vintage found photography. Paintings by Signe & Genna Grushovenko. Love this concept.

If only downtown Des Moines looked like this throughout the year...xx


  1. Great pics! I love the artists you highlighted - makes me wish I had gone :(

  2. Thanks for the feature! We're big fans of the Grushovenkos too. :)

  3. signe & genna are one of my favorites, year after year. one day i'll own one of their pieces.

  4. Wayde looks sooo chic standing there with the baby stroller ;)


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